CCPlease THANK YOU for the Login Rewards!

You don’t have to give the players anything if you don’t want to but you do and for that I thank you.
I cannot log into the game for a couple of weeks due to my recent move and I really miss New Eden and your gifts everyday.
Please do not take the whining of never-happy players to heart, some people can’t feel well unless they criticize and put others down but the majority are glad to collect a little something and it shows you care, even a little bit and that’s enough.
I can’t wait to be online again. The game is beautiful.
Thank you for all efforts and I hope there will be more players interested in making a niche for themselves in New Eden.

Wishing you well on all your upcoming endeavors :slightly_smiling_face:





Does anyone here have the ability to NOT talk about there feelings? lol
Damn… cant say ■■■■ without some kid demanding to talk about how he feels.
Its hard to have an actual conversation when everything we talk about goes back to… but I FEEL offended and lets talk about that.
Let me try to get back on topic…
The log in rewards are trash with the intent to fake player activity… Give skill points instead. IM about to stop collecting them… which ive already done on 90% of my accounts.


Wishing CCP well on all their upcoming endeavors. :slightly_smiling_face:

They don’t have to give the players anything if they don’t want to but they do and for that I thank them :slightly_smiling_face:

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The frigate bpcs they used to do for example… they were a loss of isk to make and only showed the community how out of touch CCP is with the actual game. Its almost like they are trolling new players OR are simply ignorant. IF others find value in this trash… Id like to know. Ill thank them for a gift that has value beyond litter.


Everytime I log in CCP has a surprise for me. Sometimes it’s a booster, sometimes it’s a SKIN, sometimes it’s some skill points… And when there is an event, like Capsuleer Day, there is double the rewards. It’s a perfect way to start a playthrough, a gift and off you go, undock and try to stay alive.
The teams at CCP are nice people. I had contact with a GM, he helped me with my account before I downloaded the game and another GM answered my question in Rookie chat.
They are normal people doing a hard job, their eyes hurt from staring at codes everyday all day and go home with a headache from here to Mars.

Thank you, CCP for all the work you do. It is appreciated by more players than you know.


I like the loggin rewards. Some are helpful like boosters and filaments and SP. Others are cool like skins, even if I don’t own the ship for it yet but eventually I will.

Definitely true. They could just give 5 skill points every time but they give thousands of SP and every little bit helps.
They could also give nothing and make you pay isk for undocking, lol.

That’s awesome! I had a GM ask me if I needed help when I signed up and I told him/her “I think I can manage, lol” and I got “LOL” in return.
I never ever encountered a GM who asked if I needed help at sign up with any game. EVE Online is the only game where that happened. I was surprised and impressed.



They only do that so you have a nice memory, before you run into me.


I’m not scared of you.


Aww, aren’t you cute.

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Neutron Blaster II might convince you otherwise… Praise James 315

Well you are telling us about your feelings too. But hey, it’s fine to not like things. You don’t have to collect them. I think it’s better than when we had nothing and it’s always a plus when it’s SP or a shiny skin.


I’m not cute, I’m beautiful. Way more beautiful than you are.


Try repeating that, substituting ‘players’ with ‘paying customers’.

I will substitute what you want and equalize with substituting what I want.

Players = Paying customers.
Give = Gift.

You don’t have to gift paying customers anything if you don’t want to.


The customer is king…and expects bread with their circus. ( Hint : That’s how you retain customers ).

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While customer-centric philosophy is prevalent in many departments of a company/organization, each department may view it through a slightly different lens, considering its specific role and responsibilities within the organization.
Finance professionals may have a more balanced view. While they recognize the significance of customers in generating revenue, they also consider cost management, profitability, and financial sustainability as vital for the company’s success.
Top-level executives often need to balance the “Customer is King” perspective with overall company profitability and long-term strategic goals. They make decisions that align the company’s vision with customer-centric strategies while ensuring the business remains sustainable.
In other words, I should not expect to receive a gift every time I go shopping at my favorite supermarket.


You never read a post thanking devs for their efforts before?
Do devs only deserve disdain only because the game isn’t exactly how you think it should be?

Sorry, I don’t understand that sentence.
What does “trendy we’re-for-the-thing implementation” mean?

I don’t see what mechanics you don’t like - or are missing - have to do with Loggin Rewards and thanking CCP teams for their hard work but ooooooook

That’s an awfully long winded way of avoiding the term ‘value for money’. If the supermarket shopping basket is already expensive then I’m not going to be ‘grateful’ just because a ‘free’ bag of sweeties is thrown in.