Thankyou ccp

I don’t always say thankyou to ccp for their efforts and the log in gifts are very nice I wasn’t sure where to post this but from bottom of my heart thankyou gifts


Well I ain’t taking any of the gifts because I hate their marketing
but you’re damn right people should be thanking them for getting anything at all.

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Owner of an $81 monocle? :wink:


Yep…Happy B-Day and thanks!

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Six hats, four worthless scrolls about the past lore no one cares about and of course fireworks.

What. Ever.

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Thank you CCP. Living the gifts and the extremely generous free SP.

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My subscription ran out end of April. I didn’t read my emails because I wasn’t expecting anything important. Logged in today to find out I had 2 days to log in for 16 days. Just looked at the screen for a few seconds, got so bombed out I didn’t even bother logging in. You would think they’d reward you for being a paid subscriber in the last year or any kind of paying customer at all for that matter. But no, we have to do this cancerous Korean style log in everyday to get stuff that you already paid to have developed. This isn’t the first time I’ve missed out on stuff I’ve paid for either, it’s getting kind of annoying paying a company to then use your money to create content for other people. You know like that time you gave new 12 month subs free rewards and then cancelled them before my next 12 month sub date. That kind of back stabbing crap. I’m tired of it. How hard is it to just give the free rewards to the people that paid for that year of the game to even exist. You didn’t encourage me to log back into the game for free stuff, you’ve somehow managed to achieve the opposite. When is this garbage marketing going to end so I get what I pay for?


You really should have just stopped there…then asked your mom/dad to help you run your life.


You’re supposed to rage QUIT. Not rage COMEBACK. :upside_down_face:

Do you, ummm, want my hats? :shrug:

Ha, it helped me reach the decision (was already downsizing so just an extra nail really) to close all but one Omega account - what to do with 23 Alpha accounts…

You have access to the game. You get what you pay for.

Yeah, but if you bought a yacht for a million dollars and then I bought the exact same yacht model for the exact same price, but my yacht came stocked with 5 tons of hookers and cocaine (assume the hookers average 125lbs.) while yours did not, would I not have gotten a better deal and should you not be outraged?

Only 5 tons of hookers and cocaine damn they saw you coming My yacht came with a swanky penthouse a private jet, my own island a helicopter and a submarine, private army, and enough hookers and coke to supply a continent if i wanted to.


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What are you eating and drinking when write so smart answers :joy:

I agree with the OP.

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I visited relatives at the holidays, didn’t login enough days = penalized for having a life

Yup, 12 anniversary rewards, one for each consecutive omega month subscribed.

I agree with the guy agreeing with the OP.


Oooooooohhhhhh are you telling me you’re unhappy you got free stuff?
Oh man, damn, free stuff!

I did not claim a single gift!

I don’t care about the value,
I think they can shove it no matter the value!

You peasant! :smiley: