To all at CCP - Happy holidays and Thank You

[To anyone with anything negative to say, please do so elsewhere. There are thousands of threads for you to choose from.]

I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along a heart-felt “thank you” and “happy holidays” to all of the folks at CCP.

Not just those who work on Eve directly, but to ALL of those behind-the-scenes souls that keep your company moving along and keep things from falling apart. (HR, accountants, PR, community managers, executives, sysadmins, networking folks, helpdesk, GMs, and all of the other departments and roles I don’t have the room to call out.)

It’s an unfortunate trend in our civilization, at present, that the happy stay silent and the discontented make the noise.

You all have to deal with a lot of noise.

I’ve made a couple of forum posts recently that were an attempt to provide critical real-time feedback. Instead, they ended up opening the floodgates for (the typical) negative commentary and nit-picking.

So it is important for me to step back and acknowledge the amazing and awe-inspiring universe you have collectively managed to create and build upon over the past 16 years.

I bet it’s something that neither you nor any of us could have fully predicted.

If Eve is a “sandbox” game, it sure is the Taj Mahal of sandboxes. Like people themselves, Eve’s flaws and quirks give it character. And like all good parents, CCP is constantly working to mitigate the effects of the more impactful flaws of their baby (creation), while striving to nurture and improve the overall being.

Most importantly, I truly believe that CCP does care deeply about the community and its players. I want to acknowledge that, here and now.

Honestly, I know the player base “cares back”. Look at how much was raised on behalf of the families of those employees CCP tragically lost in the past year+.

It’s easy to forget that, across the thousands of miles of wires and trans-oceanic fiber links, behind the blog posts and forum announcements, there are real human beings trying to place value in the world through the creation that is Eve. They are real people with families, frustrations, in-laws, mortgages, stress, and the inevitable loss that comes along with being a sentient person on this blue rock of ours called Earth.


On behalf of your player-base and community, to all the families at CCP, I say “Thank you for your tireless efforts, happy holidays, and please stay safe.”


Indeed, the best wishes to you, CCP. It’s a shame you have to deal with our crap all the time.


You’re not going to get something from them for this, sorry.

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How dare you speak for me!

On my own behalf I want to say thank you to all those without tires, but tons of effort! I wish you happy holiays and that you don’t kill yourselfes accidentially!


I didn’t read the whole bit but happy holidays folks. To you and yours. Cheers :clinking_glasses: :christmas_tree: :christmasparrot:


Yes indeed, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays to all.


I think so, too.

Thank you CCP for you tireless efforts and thank you players that tirelessly give feedback .

Happy holidays to everyone.


I despise CCP due to something they did to hurt myself and a group of really nice players around 2015,it wasn’t a game change it was personal and I will never forget or forgive such actions.

I have been in Eve on and off for many years. Going from basic high sec game play, living in low sec, small Alliance renting in Null and now Large Alliance. The game has changed in many ways. Some are not the best changes, some are incredible changes. I can remember having limited training time, you had to log in all the time to change or add skills. I can remember loosing skills for not paying for a medical clone. Yes those are small changes but they made large impacts to the game. There have been numerous others.

Maybe CCP has not always done what we wanted. But I believe they have tried very hard to create a game that supports the community as a whole. Considering the thousands of players with thousands of play styles this is not easy. For this time of year lets give them some slack. No matter what your belief is, for most this is a holiday season. For that lets be grateful for what we have and wish others the same!

Merry Christmas CCP
Happy Holidays EVE Universe.


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