Heartfelt Words Of Gratitude. MERRY XMAS

In times past, men and women could express gratitude, without feeling foolish, but as times change, people do as well, the world we live in nears implosion. The online gaming community grows as children grow of age, company’s rise and fall. But in all of this, Christmas comes but once a year. So I wanted to, as a YouTuber of Eve Online, take this day, to express my gratitude.

Low Sec:

To all those we fight we Black Rise on a daily basis, thank you for bringing the content, the smack talks in local, the blingy loot, the hate mails, the rage. But also thank you for some of the closest fights I have ever had in this game since 03. Thank You!


In many ways people to complain but they are a small majority. We fly with random corporations and people and conversation always turns to game mechanics, so from those of us who actually play Eve Online and don’t sit on the forums whining and trolling all day from the dead end jobs. Thank you for such an amazing game, the constant updates, rebalances, structures, mass tests!!! You have enabled me to become a YouTuber, I can never thank you enough for that.

The Community:

Quite frankly you are a bunch of XXXXXXXX but it is quite frankly the best gaming community I have come across, the streamers, the pvpers, the industry guys, all of you are amazing, No game has ever held my attention like eve online does.

So in short:

Awesome game: Suck it Up, Less QQ, More PEWPEW. COME AT ME BRO


PLS, change XMAS to Christmas!

Hey, she feels XMAS in her heart, let her express it how she feels it. X. M. A. S. each thunderous heart beat, whatever.

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