A Highsec thread of kind words

This is a Highsec thread of kind words, for gankers and gankees, PvP champions and plebs, knights of the Order and incompetent antigankers, to come together and say nice things about each other. You know what side you are on, so pick someone from the other side and say something nice about them. No mean words or anything like that, let the Holiday Spirit prevail! TIS THE SEASON!

:christmas_tree: :christmas_island:

I will go first. However, since I have absolutely nothing nice to say about them, whatsoever, I will say nothing at all. Three cheers, and a Huzzah!


No matter how far gone you are as a miner there is always hope you can be saved. I believe in you!

we should have a truce for Christmas and New Years at least. let’s just enjoy the came for a few days and spend time with friends and family without any grief and sorrow.

I’d certainly like to thank the Miners, Haulers, and Mission-Runners of Highsec for all the content they’ve provided in the past year.

It’s been a blast…

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Merry Xmas CCP

Merry Christmas, one and all. I enjoy playing with you.


Edit: Oh and specifically just for you @Aiko_Danuja

Happy celebrations to you all

(This video may not be appropriate for those at work, with a sensitive ear or disposition, or those offended by the comedic use of swearing)

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I’d like to thank the Gankers along Jita-Amarr (and everywhere else) for giving me a reason to be a sneaky bastard. Another load coming through soon!

Merry Christmas. :wink:

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And for eliminating your competition. You should send them a share of your profits. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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Oh, I “shared” plenty with them back in 2018.

Funny thing, they never shared back.

If I may I would like to apologise for hating dolphins & zoologists.

Dolphins are great! :hugs:

I have nothing good to say other than @Aiko_Danuja might be good at playing Chess, though I don’t know for sure, only played one game against her :slight_smile:

Happy Xmas to all the wonderful people I’ve killed gankers with and all the decent gankers I have got to know.

As for the salty gankers I do hope you have a nice Xmas and keep playing eve , we all need you in this mad game/hobby that is new Eden.


thank you for the salt



Anti gunkers, I would like to express a big thankyou for all the amusement you have provided.

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Red Dwarf. :star_struck:

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