Ganking truce for Christmas and New Year

How about a ganking truce for Christmas and New Year? How about we all enjoy the game at least for one week. There has been enough ganking and killing in the past month. Uedama is practically a null-sec system.


This is a wonderful idea, rejoice and let it be so! The ganking truce has begun! Miners are free to AFK in the belts, and haulers enjoy the perfect time to autopilot. Highsec has never been safer, thanks to the delightful Holiday Spirit of the SEASON.



Well pick one…gosh

EDIT: Oh…I see…yet another one…

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Shouldn’t we gank even harder, to try to drive people back to their real life friends and family?


I disagree. Let there be more killing and burning.

Uedama should shine brighter than the North Pole with ships burning in space :smiley:

Why should the gankers not enjoy their playstyle for two weeks?

In fact, each hauler is like a wrapped gift :smiley: You can unwrap it with antimatter.

It is literally Christmas :smiley:


I feel like an Alien…I setup my entire industry and life line to bypass or ignore Uedama am I doing it wrong ?

How about a mining truce instead? No mining until next year. Think of the ship crews they need rest too and poor roids need some time to regenerate. This would also fulfill your request as well. :wink:


Krabs gotta krab, but apparently, gankers don’t gotta gank.

Safe and enjoyable experiences to all for Christmas and New Year, especially those that experience surprise pvp in highsec (may it be many).


Yes, feel free to undock your blinged out Hulk. I promise you I won’t gank it, although I can obviously only talk for myself and not any other person or alt.


Hahhaa, did you see that wall of text up there?


I didnt read it, lol.


Hello everyone who goes to this forum,

Just informing you of the temporary three-week block permanently applied to Aiko Danuja for three years and eight months until next June. Please be aware and conscious of this important fact during your continued presence here, as anyone who isn’t will be publicly notified of their own temporarily-permanent punishment according to the severity of their transgression.

Thank you.


What are “friends and family?”


Couldn’t the gankers compromise?

After exploding their targets, they replace their usual post combat conversation with
" Ho,ho, ho" followed by freely contracting one lump of coal (carbon) to their new contact.


“Ho Ho Ho… and a bottle of Rum” :wink:



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How about not flying if you don’t enjoy it? Or simply avoid Uedama. I’ve got a high sec Indy corp. Ganking is the part of EVE that keeps me awake while spending delightful numming hours of crabbing.


You must be new here…

The pirates will all be on double rum rations anyway…so wont be in a fit condition to plunder.

In the spirit of the season, everyone in highsec should be carrying this:


That way, if they are lucky enough to have an unplanned encounter with a pirate, they have a 50:50 chance of topping up the pirate’s supply.

Seems the charitable thing to do.

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On the 12th day of Christmas, the gankers took from me…

12 BPOs
11 Navy Cap Boosters
10 Electronic Hardening Charges
9 Mining Preservation Charges
8 Mining Drones
7 White Glaze
6 Tripped Power Circuits
5 Gold nuggets
4 Multifunction Shield Emmiters
3 Small Tractor Beams
2 100MN Afterburners
…and an Orca in an asteroid belt.


Here’s all the latest news on the Ganking Truce