Would you gank someone?

  • Yeah :slight_smile:
  • No! :anger:
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Few activities are more divisive than ganking. Some praise it as a means for a higher end, or perhaps as the great equalizer when facing a very powerful enemy. Others curse it as an unfair and unavoidable tactic which leads to them losing one expensive ship after the other.

The fact is, ganking is an ever present part of Eve and will likely remain so. The question posed to you is, where do you stand in the conflict between the ganker and the ganked? Would you gank someone? Why? Why not? How would you do it? Would you do it if it was your neighbour? Questions over questions! Let’s hear your opinion in this thread, I am looking forward to it!

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-James Fuchs


I sure would!


Absolutely. Especially if they are competing in the same space as me.

The loss of their ore/cargo just increases the value of mine.

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I don’t see why not. It is a PvP game, right?

Because that’s what the game is about. Pew-pew, exploding ships, destroy pod then send a friendly “GF” message and maybe 20M isk to soften the blow.

I have no idea but I’m willing to learn.

Especially if it was my neighbor! That guy is a creep.


Ganking is an exploit that CCP hasn’t been able to fix in 20 years because they’re too incompetent to develop their game properly. Other video games don’t allow such behavior.


Yes…already have done. Why ? I felt like it.

The narrative you speak of is just your imagination. The vast majority of players have no problem with ganking and welcome it in eve online. On the last survey I made, almost 70 percent think it’s just fine as is and doesn’t even need balance. The smaller percent think it’s too easy and they are prob speaking out of self interests. I think mulitiboxing and free omega accounts are the issue and ganking is just a side topic.


Just look at all those big mean bullies!

Frostpacker voted NO!

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I suggest you read it.


Oh look. Someone did a google search and incorrectly applied the results to the topic at hand in the hopes of passing it off as “credible” information to push their narrative and hoping no one would bother to notice how it doesn’t actually apply to the argument made.

See “False Equivalency” for more on this topic.


You wouldn’t gank a car, would you?

So what makes you think that ganking a ship in EVE is any more acceptable?


I would gank a car and juvenile records are sealed by the way.


I would never!

Have you not seen me play Grand Theft Auto!?

My false sense of superiority relies on my good moral character, so no of course not.

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Yes. If that gank can prevent dumbos from attacking me later on, I definitely would. That’s how I kept these stupid wannabe gankers off of my back in the Trig invasions.

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The Trigs won…

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But I didn’t lose an expensive ship to ganks, unlike others. :wink:

So you ran away?

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I would gank @Iceacid_Frostpacker then sell him back his frozen corpse for 1 bil ISKies. :blush: :innocent: :smiling_imp:

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