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Hello sir, there are options to fight back and fly safer, but ganking is a big part of the game. No need for personal insults., they are doing what pirates do.

I know it sucks, let the loss sink in and remember this is why this game is different from other games, the loss matters.

Don’t quit just yet, take a deep breath. You can learn to help yourself and others in a more respectable manner.

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Ganking is a core part of eve, and fundamental part of how risk VS reward is balanced in hisec.

There’s lots of ways to avoid being ganked, so if you get ganked it’s almost always because you didn’t take precautions, and that’s definitely true in your case

If you’re willing to learn from your losses and move on, knowing better for the future, that’s great. If not, this probably isn’t the game for you, just saying


suicide ganking is “supposed to” happen in high sec, by design.

this would surely kill eve

I completely agree.

Now seriously – In my opinion, ganking is a much worse problem in nearly all other MMOs. To give an example which nearly everyone knows, World of Warcraft: if a lvl 60 decides to gank a lvl 20, the low lvl doesn’t stand a chance. A lvl 60 can fly, is faster, and will one shot a lvl 20. In EVE this is the opposite… all ganks can be avoided, as long as you know what you’re doing.


Havent you heard. Eve is always dying.

Theyre supposed to be able to engage players in hisec, too. Thats the core mechanic of the game.


People said that when i first began this game… back in 2013.

EVE has been dying for a long time. And every time someone says that, Eve didnt end up dying. Its like Anti-gankers are apocalypse cults claiming the end of the world will come, and keep pushing the date because they keep getting proven wrong.

Good riddance.

Its the gaming experience that kept me playing for 8 years.

So thanks for an exciting, intuitive and awesome gaming experience in a fantastic game.


Ouch, no wonder he’s pissed. Realistically though, why would he buy a Thunderchild? Nullsec Anoms?

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He couldnt even handle the rats.

Hes been playing for 2 months.

Sounds like a credit card warrior to me. I wouldnt be surprised if he injected, too.


Probably trying to hunt down Trigs in hisec contested systems.

He died once to trig rats before.

Can I have your stuff?

Ok then. Wat da fak is he doing in a ship that could easily plex me twice. Those lossmails could get me into a T3D and grinding 3-4/10s in Serpentis space until I can get into HACs, T3Cs, etc. Just the ships alone could plex me. The mods on top? ■■■■ I wish I looted the wrecks man. I’d be swimming in isk

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■■■■ forgot to ask that as well lmao

Hes new, and has a fundamental misunderstanding of this game.

He thinks this game is like previous MMOs hes played. Purchase the best gear through microtransactions, win every engagement because you spent 10,000 dollars.

Guess hes learned his lesson.



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I wouldn’t go that far.

But yes, there definitely are “skills” you learn as a player to help survive better in lowsec and nullsec (and wh space).

When I first started the game, lowsec was portrayed as “wild west” anarchy zone. I stayed away as much as I could. But over time (and with the help/encouragement of good corp members) I started going more and more into lowsec and further in. Now, I’m pretty comfortable in lowsec. I know better what to look for, skills to help keep an eye out for the bad people, and some tricks to try if I’m unavoidably confronted. No guarantees, but it isn’t nearly as scary anymore.

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No , it won’t ! It’s a never ending cycle of victim and abuser . It’s just the actors that change.
The sun will rise again as normal in New Eden.

Can I please have something ? I was never given anything in this game … and hey , don’t judge me for asking …

I found my husband very depressed at home.
Through people from our corp, I have now found the reason and this Topic
I can understand why he is angry.
It should be forbidden that people control 15-20 accounts at the same time with one tool to make such ganks.
Also I have to correct that he is not a new player.
He has already played EvE when I met him and he has bought and sold pilots in the Bazzar over the course of his playing time whenever he felt like playing a different style
For the character “Heagen” he sold all other pilots, except the one he gave to me and got out about 50Bil ISK to build his own character with his own name, the way he wanted it. (No “Creditcardwarrior”)

I was very pleased that we could play the game together.
He put an incredible amount of effort into explaining and teaching the game to me and many other new players in our corp. For the reason that we have so many new players in the corp we also stayed in highsec and did without structures because I was told that they will be shot away anyway when others see that we consist almost only of new players.
He has supported many new players from our corp and helped them where he could.
Let’s see how it goes on without him now.


This is absolutely true. If you don’t undock, they can’t gank you. If they are your friends, they won’t gank you. If you avoid them, they can’t catch you. Ganks only happen when miners make a series of bad decisions which allow the gank to happen.

People who say there is no “counterplay” are people who simply refuse to change their “playstyle”, refusing to adapt or make any concessions - they insist on being lazy easy targets, and that’s their fault.



…and this ladies and gents … comes from a… ganker !

That’s right. I’m a ganker, so I know for a fact that ganks can be avoided.