Guide: Ganking Counterplay

CCP provides with an easy way to avoid any kind of ganking in EVE online, for all the rookies and vets who are not able to easily counterplay the Elite PVP playstyle, please follow this:


Gankers dont want you to know this trick.


Evasion =//= counterplay


Alternatively not being AFK / paying the slightest attention to your surroundings can improve your chances of avoiding a gank considerably.


Imagine being a grown adult and making this embarrassing post ROFL.

Maybe just learn to EVE so you can post a real guide?


Evasion is counterplay. You can’t gank what you can’t catch…


Not according to Lucas!


As if CCP was so stupid as to make EVE only about one thing… Does sandbox ring a bell?

lol, unbelievable.

Thats what I thought until I was told otherwise

Now I dont know what to believe

Hilmar will show us the way, we just need to feed him the wallets of noobs to quench is never-ending thirst for cash.

Otherwise, its griefing

That is, unless Hilmar decides to go on another diet soon, in which case – because he views the company as an extension of him – he’ll make the company go on a diet by laying off a bunch of CCP employees. Again.

Not griefing, just ganking jobs from employees.

No no no, that saves him money so its neither ganking nor griefing.

Its an “expansion”

Everything must be sacrificed for Hilmar’s wallet.

Players, the game, people, everything.

I think CCP is more interested in squeezing $$$ out of the whales. A single whale can spend as much as dozens or even hundreds of regular players. :psyccp:

Newbies griefed out of the game before giving Hilmar money are their most important customers now, didnt you know?

Oh so they will remove hisec ganking to ensure these most important customers don’t quit (before spending their wallet)? :thinking:


Now, once griefing is removed from highsec, what do you think comes next?

Gotta have fertile seas for those new players to grow into fat whales, dont he?

Crossover events to bring in more new players who will spend their $$$ on their favorite franchise related merch in the NES then once hooked they also buy them juicy SKINs and monocles. :face_with_monocle:

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Ehh there will be a bit of that

But only once Low Sec has been paved over to give those sickly easily-farmed Event entities somewhere to gambol.

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