Anti-ganking measures

I’m absolutely sick of groups like CODE and Novus Ordo ruining industrial gameplay in highsec. Would it be possible to implement a feature whereby a player could recruit an NPC as a bodyguard to defend them in case of a ganking?

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No, you can hire another player to scout for you or web your ship into instawarp.


Those groups have become tyrants. I wish I could see them all banned, but hiring NPC mercenaries would be second best in my opinion.

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You know that it’s totally your fault if you get ganked? They are just playing Darwin … learn and evolve. It’s a game, it’s supposed to require some effort to accomplish things. Be happy that CCP removed the NPC gatecamps from highsec.


I see your point. However, I have already taken necessary measures to avoid getting ganked, and they still hunt me.

Get them bored and moving on, don‘t be a target, move somewhere else, don‘t show anger … use cloak / MWD while hauling, use insta undock, dock bookmarks, contract move to other players, etc. So many options …

… unless it’s political, people lose interest quite fast, if they can’t get what they want in a game.


I don’t know how I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll implement that strategy. Thank you!

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I did once try bribing them with ships to leave me alone. That was dumb lol! It was like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.


Yeah, best thing to make them come back again and again :wink:

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If you have, they wouldn’t.
Tank your ship properly. Stop going AFK.



Did they? I heard someone say they got caught by some trigs jsut a few days ago, but perhaps he encountered them somewhere else.

Regardless, do you have a source for that?

Scan through the patch notes of the last months, think was in summer. They can still be anywhere else of course, just no Perimeter gate camps anymore. Sad.

List of systems you won’t likely be ganked in…

Probably best to stick to those listed there.

Would be nice to have these systems show indicators for this on the HUD though rather than have to keep referring to a web page.

That’s not entirely correct. Quote from the link

“Players are advised to reconsider any aggressive action against new players in the following systems:”

As OP’s character is almost 1 year old, he is not really considered a rookie anymore and as such does not fall under rookie protection. Rookie protection is there to protect the rookies, not older players who do not yet know how to play.

You may be right that the chance to get ganked is lower in those systems though. A lot of players in those systems are rookies, which means gankers may be more likely to look somewhere else with better targets instead. I could be wrong about that though, as I rarely am in high sec.

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The trick is to be able to think like they do, but its not easy. Its hard for someone who isn’t totally selfish who doesn’t lie so much to understand those who are totallly selfish and lie even to themselves. Its hard for those who think deeply to understand those who go through life as if its just a loose jumble of events.

For example, they desperately want immediate gratification. If you deny them ganks, they soon run out of patience.

Getting ganked and learning to avoid it is part of the game. Where I’m stationed, I don’t worry too much about getting ganked, but the lessons I learned in five months in nullsec keep me on my toes.

Hauling in small amounts, watching Local for spikes, traveling in indirect lines, using bookmarks, equipping cloak and anti-scram measures, and making sure I randomize my behavior all lend themselves against ganking.

That, and I don’t hang out near ganker territory. I’ll go ten or twenty jumps out of my way, learn something new, and when I get blapped, I keep quiet, or congratulate my killer on their success. Sometimes they’ll teach me what I could’ve done to avoid being caught.

There are gankers who live for the salt. Your outrage is their reward. Deny them that. Social interaction in EVE is sometimes part of PvP. Other gankers want what they can salvage off your wreck. Still others want the challenge of the hunt. There’s others whose motivations I could only guess at.

I keep in mind a quote I heard, I think, from Jack Sparrow: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” There was a time when I got salty with everyone who killed me, but I adjusted my attitude, and now losing a ship isn’t such a big deal.

I could let the gankers get under my skin, but it’s crowded enough with me in it. I don’t need to let them live rent-free in my head when I could learn what it is I don’t know about avoiding them.

Losing a ship sucks, but not nearly as much as letting someone I’ll never meet in real life make me decide to lose my peace of mind.


Losing ships and cargo keeps the Industrialists going … as long as it happens to others :wink:

So keep Ganking , gankers


Get a real person.


Better, learn what makes a good target and stop being one.