Stop the ganking start the pvping

Now its come to my attention that even though ganking is extremely fun it can be a little boring.

When you have lots of players smack talking you in highsec, the only way to deal with them is to either gank them as they hide behinde the none war elidgable ■■■■■■■■. now i love pvp and would like to suggest an idea that has popped into my amazing head.

What if we used the old school war machnic to wardec a player, not the whole corp. That way its fair game. You pay a fee like a wardec fee just for that player. They have to be in a non npc corp to do so though.

It will bring about better fights in highsec without destroying a whole corp. You could pay for a whole corp members to be wardeced so it will encourage smaller groups to band together more. But it will cost the wardeccer huge isk.


Has been suggested a few times and CCP’s appetite for the suggestion seems to be about as big as their responses to the threads. Nothing.

Wrong forum and all, but good luck with your suggestion. It won’t happen, so either gank them, duel them or bait them into a fight.


Stop the ganking start the pvping

Wait are you saying ganking is not real PvP?!

:smirk: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:

A lot of people hide in those so this really defeats the purpose of your proposal imo.

Travonus Tr[apo]oll


I would like to wardec individual players.

Good idea!


To grow a thicker skin

Ffs what is wrong with this world


Youre right can have a thicker skin but actions have consquences, a consquence of you being a dick should mean you get some punishment.


Pretty much everyone is a dick.

So someone youll never meet says something you dont like, and that means in your mind they should suffer a misfortune?


EDIT: Yeah, didnt think so.

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There isnt 2 o’s in trapoll nice try.

Just how it use to be in eve, you smack talk in highsec you get wardeced. Nothing wrong in that. Creates content. Sounds like you like being one while hiding. :man_shrugging:

No, I sound like one who doesnt give a ■■■■ what people say about me, unlike you who has a thin skin and lets words hurt them.

“Smack talk”

Geez what a baby.

Given your last 5 wars (I stopped checking due to the large amount of carebear corps you decced) resulted in zero kills Im guess you arent getting any satisfaction from this policy of “someone said mean words about me waa I need to do something to them that makes me feel better waa”


That sounds rather childish considering you are the one going off emotionally.

Lol wars do not create pvp anymore thats why. Content is in wh space and nullsec some time lowsec also.

This idea would create content against those who may have scammed/awoxed/talked trash

Its a better than the bounty system they currently have.

So… your answer to being insulted is “No, you” lol

I think its pretty clear who the child who cant take being called things is. That would be the guy who started a thread because he cant take being called things.

They never did. They were always ludicrously easy to avoid. Thats why deccing people because they call you a name is sad.

In what way? It doesnt stop anyone doing anything. It would be a waste of time when you can dec their corp and do nothing like you do now.

You havent played in a while, have you?

But yeah, I think you are a muppet, and await your wardec eagerly.

Make it mutual, I dont have a structure anymore and I know you are a poor.

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All these idiotic insults make you look like a child. Sadly i havent got more time to play with you as it is as you say not worth the time?

I do not need to justifiy my game time or my wealth to you only that you have a target on your back in game.

Watch this space.


I totally cant wait.

Im going to bet nothing happens.

Anyone else wanna jump in? 2 Billion says nothing happens.

I bet theres not even the Wardec he says he wants. Even though its free.

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Looking at your zkill you are not very impessive sre you?

Nothing to bet and nothing to wardec you hide in highsec and fail in nullsec. Its laughable.

Hmm could be cause Im a hauler not a fighter? You dont do your research too good do you?

Thats super!

Where’s the wardec?

LOL. Good luck. You’ll need it.


You are correct; I should have typed

Travonus Tr[ap]oll

To address the theme of your thread I will need to make sure that we agree upon terms.

PvP stands for ‘Player versus Player’, where ‘versus’ is

‘From Middle English versus, borrowed from Latin versus (“facing”), past participle of vertere (“to turn, change, overthrow, destroy”).’

usually translated as ‘against’.

If you can find a different definition, please post it in this thread.

Thus, ‘PvP’ defines the relationship between contending players. It says nothing about the nature of the activity in which they are engaged.

Ganking can therefore be described as ‘PvP’.

I have heard the playstyle described - in relation to EVE - as Elite PvP.