State of Ganking

I played back in the day. 2012/13. Back then, can flipping was in its hayday. Great times. They ruined it (not going to get into details).

Took a break. Came back with a vengeance. Started wardeccing indy corps and hunting across high sec. Amazing time. They ruined it.

Poked my head in a few years ago. Wardecced some indy corps. They all dropped corp and sat in their POS. So fun.

With everything being so easy for solo indy players, with a ton of carebear concession mechanics… how is it done these days?

Is ganking in 2022 just suicide ganking or lazy gatecamps? Is there any hunting anymore? Can you still only wardec corps for a week at a time?

Whats the current state of ganking?


You can wardec the structures and annihilate them one-by-one. Occasionally you will even find an abandoned one that drops treasure.

Dont I need a bunch of people for that? I only play with IRL friends.

Also dont care about loot or treasure. I dont care about in-game money. I do it with passion!

@Dracvlad meet @Lennox_Dantes .

You two need to have a chat. I’m going to go make some popcorn. See you in a bit


Yes, I need to get back on this game, but if its riddled with encumbering BS, I just can’t do it.

I want to hunt baby. I used to love flying out 40 jumps because a spy told me a WT was out mining in a juicy ship. Still chubs me up.

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What a delightful image

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its like staring into an eclipse.

Just trying to get the lay of the land before i log back in, fly around a bunch of empty systems and log out

Yea, you go and do that :smiley:


Just get a catalyst and gank some ventures. Work your way up from there.

Suicide ganking? eh. I appreciate the folks that do that… I want to hunt ships. Are people in space doing anythng? Some friendly advice on which systems to look it would be nice. Where are popular mining spots these days? Trade routes?

Suicide ganking is all that is left.

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I mean are you talking low or Hi sec PvP?

If you want to hunt ships, you need to go to low but targets are sparse.

I always enjoyed High Sec hunting. Is it dead?

Thats pretty sad

Define high sec hunting?

Like suspect baiting? Or war deccing?

Cause if you want to just straight gank people, uh yea that’s always involved suicide.

There’s a very rare breed of people that are based in L4 mission hub systems, keep track of who is in a battleship undocking while observing the station, they then look for MTUs in neighboring systems, warp in and proceed to suspect bait their targets.

Edit: With jetcan mining mostly gone (fond memories of my first can being flipped by a Hyperion) it seems MTUs are the only way to suspect bait in high sec these days.

Edit x2: It also seems like there are way fewer people that spam duels to undocking ships these days.


War Deccing and Suspect Baiting

Can Flipping was the best.

Whats an MTU?