Ganking has not gone far enough

I propose that CCP nerf CONCORD and allow ganking to thrive across New Eden. Currently, the game is designed to limit opportunities for PvP, and caters to skittish carebears who do not want to PvP. This makes the game exceedingly boring, and I have to balance the fact that there are other things I’d rather do in life, instead of warping around looking to see if anyone has undocked. Anyone? I’ll just sit at the sun and wait…

The basis of a ‘game’ is the competition between players, but currently there are far too many barriers which prevent players from engaging one another. As a simple example, if I warp to a gate, I simply go through it. You can’t bump me or shoot me, and even with -10 security status you simply can’t stop me from entering your system. That prevents content. I would therefore propose that everyone who warps to a gate will land 15km away from the gate. This will give gankers time to shoot and kill any smuggler who tries to pass through the gate, and antigankers will have plenty of opportunity to fail.

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If all industrials including haulers and miners get fitting slots, cpu, pg and weapon slots relative to combat ships of similar size and tech level, I wouldn’t be entirely adverse to all gates having a 15km bubble honestly.
Would work ok alongside longer concord timer.

Though battleship warp speed would need raising back up to compensate for the dramatically slower travel.

Good! It’s settled then! Haulers will be allowed to arm themselves with weapons, and there will be a 15 kilometer bubble around each gate.


Feel free to play something else.

You’re right, they probably should make it so if your sec status is negative you cannot enter highsec at all without concord instantly killing you.

Kindly delete your own original trolling post.


I’m not trolling. We all know I’m quite serious. This game needs more PvP.


This game needs more GOOD PvP. Shooting miners and haulers isn’t that. You might try shooting at things that shoot back if you’re looking for a fulfilling experience.


I agree. Nobody wants to shoot the miners. Unfortunately, we have to do it, or they’ll just keep mining. Someone has to stop them, for their own good!


I admire your dedication to fixing the issue. All you need to do is go to delve and shoot rorqs. One rorq causes more harm than 20 highsec barges. AND they will fight back. You’re killing two birds with one stone right there. Have at it. :smiley:


I thought BloBB Raiders and BloBB Guristas are replacing ganking for free??

They are un-beatable, have infinite replacements, do not require sleep, cannot be reasoned with, can never make mistakes, are active 24/7 of every day, make everyone miserable, cannot be wardecced, don’t get any reaction from CONCORD and they don’t even have mining permits.


Currently, Ventures are the priority target, we have to get rid of them before they grow bigger. One Venture eggsac can hatch an entire mining fleet. However, your point is well taken. Clearly, ganking has not gone far enough, which is what I’ve been saying.


Is that because you don’t want to round up 15 people to shoot a procurer that has already paid for itself 200 times over?

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Who mines enough to pay for a procurer 200 times over? That sounds like a terrible fate. There are people in solitary confinement who have more of a social life than that.


Yeah… And now you are advocating shooting new players and trolling.
You started ok with an actual serious look at stuff but have gone off the rails.

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The average Venture has 9 years of experience. They need to be shot. First there is just one Venture, then there is two, then there is a Miasmos, then they add a mining Thrasher, and pretty soon you’ll see a Retriever or Covetor join the fleet. It just doesn’t stop unless somebody is willing to stand up and protect the ore.


Yes, it would have to stop the warp at the edge otherwise everyone* will use gate bookmarks.

(everyone who doesn’t already AP, that is)

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Yah, it should have a bubble effect. Like you can’t place a bookmark within 15km of a gate, or something. The point is there should be something that forces players to actually fly toward other players. If you want to get anywhere, you should have to deal with other people. Gate camps are nice, but it should be possible to catch people on both sides of the gate.

Right now, the game is skewed toward how you can run away and hide from everyone else, and you never actually have to engage anyone at all. If a place is too dangerous, you can just avoid it, because there’s not really any reason to go there anyways. One system is likely to be as boring as the next. The game simply needs more opportunities for conflict which players cannot avoid.

Everybody made a big deal about that player that visited every system without dying, but that wasn’t a testament to her skill, it was simply the outcome of a stagnant game in which one can literally fly across the galaxy without any risk.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been in low/null, and people are actively ‘hunting’ me, but there is literally nothing they can do to catch me, and eventually we all get bored and just chat in local. It is simply too easy to avoid ‘non-consensual’ PvP, and that makes the game exceedingly dull. It’s almost impossible to find content unless you are either A) incompetent, B) AFK, or C) welping and don’t really care, in which case you are generally either blobbing or being blobbed.

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You can jump through the gate with them and catch them on the other side already.


Sure, you can do that, but then they are already in the system. You should be able to stop them from entering the system, by defending the other side of the gate. Fighting toward a gate would be far more interesting than the “watch me warp away, or blap me” engagement that I think pretty much everyone is bored of.

It’s like, uh, in basketball or football they have to advance toward the objective, are they gonna make it? Is it close? Whereas now its more like a game of tag or hide & seek, you either catch them or you don’t, whatever, we might as well flip coins for fun.

The traditional gate camp is mostly a contest between scan time and warp time and ping time. It’s kind of boring, what can I say. Being able to camp the other side of the gate would encourage a lot more actual PvP.

Even better, they should introduce some sort of rule about how often you can engage warp. Once people land, they should be pretty much stuck there for awhile. That would force fights, and people would have to actually pilot their ships instead of just constantly trying to warp away or point someone before they warp away. It’s just a game mechanic which limits rather than generates content.

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You mean making jump cooldowns actually something to take into consideration?

Yah, I think so, but like on all ships of any size.

I mean, I’m just saying, if you guys want me to stop ganking miners in high sec, then you have to create some kind of interesting content in low/null. Cuz I’ve gatecamped before and it was boring. There also wasn’t any reason to do it. I didn’t even know what system I was in or who I was shooting. I didn’t care. It was all just meaningless, and either we blobbed or we got blobbed. Either they were trying to warp away, or we were trying to warp away. It was dumb. I have more fun shooting high sec miners.

The game needs better PvP mechanics. There needs to be more risk, and more danger. A jump cooldown timer would help, because it would force people to be more committed to a fight. Getting rid of station timers would also help, people don’t even get excited that their station is under attack, it’s “who cares, we’ll defend on the next timer”.

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