Work for CONCORD

Now that would be an interesting dynamic. Players taking ownership of policing EDEN.

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And getting their candy asses kicked for it.

I like it!

You’ll find very quickly that EVE players have a very diverse view of what “policing” means.

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How long will it take you to reach a hulk being ganked 20 jumps from you?

And then I have to survive until one of you scrubs finally manage to kill me (I assume I cannot warp away because I’m criminal). Seems like KB padding to me with no downside for me.

If you want to police space, go live in null sec. High sec policing should never be done by players. If you want to do that job, build your own empire and police it to keep it safe.

Anti gankers do get some kills, and stop some ganks. They’ll do things like try to kill the suicide point, kill suspect haulers, or bump guys out of tether range who aren’t paying attention (like when they’re d-scanning, combat scanning, ship scanning on another character). Can they stop a gank in-progress if they aren’t already on grid? Unlikely. And they have about zero chance of getting there on time if they aren’t already in system. But, they can do things like hang out in Uedema or follow known gankers around.

Of course, all this is not to say that OP has a good idea. Depending on implementation, gankers could use an anti-ganker alt to offset the cost of their ship losses. And CCP probably isn’t going to be all that inclined to introduce some new way of increasing server load right now, considering they just temporarily disabled player bounties and killrights.

Player killright have not been disabled. Just the overview and client side updates of has. You can still activate killrights but it means doing the same old thing when it was first released. Click on every ship on your overview until you see he/she has a killright.

And true… known gank spots will always have AG. My gank chars dont gank in known gank spots though so the details become very important.

And player justice is always subjective :slight_smile:

Won’t work, people have their own interests at heart. It would be a corrupt police force at best.

Yeah, we had that in Providence region when it was still controlled by Not Red Don’t Shoot (NRDS) anti-pirates.
You can come help policing Providence if you want.

CVA and the other pirates were convinced to leave months ago, BTW.

CVA and other Provibloc alliances were not pirates.
And they were not convinced to leave, but rather divided and conquered.

You have yet to convince me to stop going to Providence to kill your fellow pirates.

Do you mean Code could run Concord to Protect HighSec?

CODE. is basically player run CONCORD

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CODE. is no CONCORD. They are high sec terrorists.

Far from it. They are the executive branch of the democratically elected government of Highsec.

Code is a Highsec Pirates…jeje… But Why they suck at protecting niarja… Are they only good at ganking 1 player? I’m not against those pirate because they add fun in Highsec but they really are useless in defending Highsec space…

Narnja is in a better place now

That’s way too strong of a term, I would change that to Kittens.

They’re actually just players in a role playing corp.

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