Player Experience Feedback - Caldari Event

  1. the Hacking sites are way to hard for a new player.

a) Given with a Data Analyzer T2 it is easier, if stuck with T1 they are way to hard to hack.
b) there is not enough of them
c) they are hard to scan down for lower skilled chars

  1. your Concord is a joke. Have a look at Josameto | System | zKillboard and you see your
    “hard but fair” joke. Gankers are slaughtering mission runners with impunity. Because you make absolutely sure, they can be slaughtered like that.

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Events aren’t meant to be steamrolled by new players, else everyone and their dog would create 1,000 Alpha accounts and get multiple prizes. As far as Concord goes, they do NOT protect you in high sec, they merely punish your attackers…


Sure. Make an event to attract people and then hit them as hard as possible over the head to make sure they are frustrated. I see the logic. You do not want more people being attracted to the game. It is called “Event” not “Torture Session”.
For “punishing the attackers”, strange, the attackers are still in system all the time. Like nothing happens, reship and continue slaughtering.

Your installation of EVE was your automatic consent to non-consensual PVP. EVE is an open-world, 24/7 PVP anywhere game. Always has been, always will be. If you can’t accept that, then EVE isn’t the game for you…

I expected an answer like that. Useless. Go on, close the thread.

Events are not necessarily catered to one type of player or skilled player. They are not designed for just new players or vets.

As far as the killmail, im assuming you mean the one at 2200??

Possibly suspect baited so the ganker could fire back without CONCORD interfering and destroying their ship.


Its almost like you have a thingie that shows you everyone who is in the system with you and can set corps to bad standings.


What else could be said really? That is the official (CCP’s) answer as well…

While CONCORD forces do react quickly and with force, they do not have a mandate to protect attacked players and as such will not necessarily be able to prevent eventual losses if attackers can field sufficient firepower to destroy their targets before CONCORD can intervene. CONCORD should therefore be regarded as a force of retribution, not one of protection.

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It is not about “preventing” an attack. Attack is fine. It is about Gankers with Sec Status of -10 harassing a complete system without repercussion. One option would be, that concord just podded anyone with Sec Status of -5 or lower. See a villain, aim between the eyes. Police, Judge, Executioner.
At the moment, they just reship with all their implants intact and do the same again.

Yes but this is a game and currently this is the intended gameplay by the devs.

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That is why I labelled this “Feedback”. But I might as well talk to a brick wall.

Probably. This subject comes up on the forums and elsewhere since years if not more than a decade and little has changed nor did CCP show interest in removing hisec ganking or implementing any such solution you propose. Just check this:


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So this actually has nothing to do with the current event and is just a poor attempt at a covert high sec ganker whine thread…

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