Thrills for high-sec gankers, more fun for everyone

Everyone knows the current status of ganking in high-sec. My idea that I want to present here should not be against gankers either. I just wish there were more game mechanics that could increase the fun of the game for everyone.

How about if players could join the Concord faction, similar to faction warfare.
The following criteria should be met:

  • Security Status of +5.0


  • Players are marked with a Concord sign in the overview.
  • If Concord players attack neutral players they get the same penalties plus they are banned for 365 days and immediately get a security status of -10.0
  • Concord players may attack in high sec all players who have a -5.0 to -10.0 security status. But not the other way around. (shooting back allowed when attacking)
  • Concord players earn Concord LP points for each successful kill.
  • Concord players can upgrade their security stat to +10.0.

I hope that this idea will be taken seriously here and also by the CSM and the devs. is read. Let’s make Eve Online play worthwhile for everyone.

Thanks very much.

Do they? What is it?

This is already the case. For everyone.

The only net effect of this seems to be that you want pvp to become a krabbing activity for a small number of players that join the CONCORD faction.

How is that worthwhile for ‘everyone’?

Also, since all outlaws can already be attacked by anyone, anywhere; how does allowing outlaws to be attacked by CONCORD faction members add any more thrill for gankers? It doesn’t actually change anything.


This gotta be the worst troll post in a while.

I mean seriously? Banned for a year?

Can we at least try to up our trolling standards :frowning:

Id rather actually adding back CONCORD agents to fix standings with them.

Me thinks someone here, I won’t give names, Demonhunter2, oops.

Has literally no idea how the C and P system works.

What’s even funnier about this post is the fact that CONCORD can be bribed! Pass some cash and some tags to your local on-the-take CONCORD agent and poof. Your -10 sec status magically becomes 0.

How to bribe CONCORD, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky CONCORD faction players.

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