Players to join Concord

Imagine if Concord is a corporation that you can join.
There would be much more gameplay and all the anti-gank people would have powerful tools, to hold high-sec safe/safer.

My idea is simple!
-You can join Concord if your security status is +5
-You get your hand on Concord assets to keep people safe in high-sec space.
-You can NOT acquire these assets!
-Any hostile activity will get you kicked automatically and your security status will get hard hit.
-You can NOT leave high/low-sec space while using Concord assets.

Ofcuz there would be some more rules but my idea will stay same…

My idea was explained a bit short and wrong, due to work and will of typing on the phone.
So here we go again…

Think of Concord as a corporation that players can join.
It would add another player vs player aspect to the game.
I believe we do all agree, that less AI/NPC and more PvP is good thing!?
Its not about ganking as it may have appeared before, its really more about me and you shooting each other in the game, its fun!
And I want more of it!

How would there be more gameplay?

What does access to “CONCORD assets” provide, in terms of gameplay, that you can’t already get with anti-ganking?

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You as a player can join Concord and start hunting for bad people in high/low security space.

You get access to Concord space-ships for FREE.
(Ofcuz you can’t sell or drag them into your personal hangar.)

Do you even understand the role of CONCORD? They arent there to protect you. They arent there to save you. They could care less if you lost ships or your pod. You’re immortal. What’s a few bits of flesh and bone to you? CONCORD’s role is to punish rulebreakers. Unprovoked attack in high security space? CONCORD punts you like a redheaded stepchild. Fail to kill your target? They dont care, you still get punted.

CONCORD is basically what your local SWAT team would be if they didnt care about collateral damage (ie you).


Sir! I can understand Concord better than you do.

Let’s make this local swat team real player based corporation.

Less AI, more real player activities… Better game!
Do you agree?

Quite simply no.
You have forgotten to do the first step of any feature request which is to come up with 100 ways to abuse the feature.

Consider three scenarios.

  1. Npc concord still does it’s normal thing. Well player concord is pointless.
  2. If there is player concord around npc concord is slower or doesn’t appear. Gankers use alts to be in concord then sit idle with the alts to gank easier.
  3. Player concord hunts low sec status players who aren’t criminal. Technically legal but not the point of concord.

So yeah. Either abused or pointless.

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So basically what you want to do is fly around killing all people (that are bad people according to you) with low security status. Without any idea on how to find them. All the while being completely invulnerable to attack.

And you don’t even limit this to highsec only but you could enter lowsec too???

Do you have any idea on how broken this would be?


No, not according to me!
Your security status can go negative when u kill people in high/low security space without provocation.
So it’s really only on you!

I can agree with most of the abusive stuff that was mentioned before, but I’m sure there can be more rules/game mechanics to avoid this.

No I’m not bitter about ganking or gankers.
My main aim here is to give people more tools to play around in this sandbox.

But what does being in CONCORD offer that you can’t already do to outlaws?

-You get to use Concord assets, (no need to risk with your own)
-You get paid according to your activity.
-Game mechanics will be created to help you hunt criminals (only Concord can use)

If that game mechanic really comes to consideration, then I’m sure there would be much more to add.

Yeah, CCP’s never going to do that.

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Who are those bad people ?

Are you sure? Concord does not work on Low-Sec, is Empire Territory. I strongly disagree with that statement, not only cause of this but cause of everything.

Concord NEED to be NPC, as his role can only be achieved correctly by NPCs. If you want Concord Assets, you could buy some Concord Mods or implants, or can buy the Marshal, Enforcer o Pacifier.

Also, no Risk no Reward.

What do you think… Concord is working for who?
Who to gate-guns belong to?

Why only by NPC??
I strongly disagree with this statement!

No, I don’t want Concord assets!
When you work for the police, you go and chase bad guys with your personal car?

The ones who gank people in high-sec.
I really shouldn’t explain you that…

I play as Concord daily.

Shooting Suspects and Criminals is my main hobby and I often beat Concord to the punch so that they don’t even have to respond.

I am the law.

You can be the law too.


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so it’s just another thread about high sec ganking and nothing else.

Concord do not work for anyone, they work for the rules they make. They do not even protect the innocent!! They only punish the Outlaws.

And you should take a look more often at the Low-Sec Guns as they belong to the Empires not the Concord. Here, take a look Screenshot by Lightshot

Please, make up your mind, your OP says otherwise.

And you think your solution is going to disband ganking? You are so wrong…

Sorry i can’t.

Not a chance.

The whole point of the sandbox is players make everything. You’re not going to get special tools that only concord can use.

Set your overview to show outlaws, criminals and suspects. Go hunt them. You dont need anything extra.

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Works for me! :slight_smile: