Player CONCORD response PVP

So here is an idea:

Make CONCORD have the ability to have players join it.
-players will get a beacon they can jump to if a player is attacked in highsec.
-CONCORD players cant attack non criminals, ships wont allow it.
-no longer have an Overpowered system, but you could have players insuring they have cop friends around to help out.
-have payout via an LP system as CONCORD players wont be able to loot wrecks.
-have it as a mission system, where you accept mission and will be on watch for next 30mins.

make beacons similar to cyno’s where if you are enabled mission status, you can essentially cyno in on any player to assist. if they are aggressed in Highsec.
-Allow a fitting slot for CONCORD response, which automatically PINGS CONCORD if aggressed in highsec.
-Ping can also work in lowsec, but the cyno will not apply for lowsec concord, and concord response in lowsec will be at the players descretion as they will only have other players to help respond.
-CONCORD players can be killed, a CONCORD player can high NPC CONCORD up to so many points for a NPC fleet in highsec.

i can explain more if anyone wants, i think this could be a fun mechanic if implemented correctly.



Interesting idea (although not entirely new) as long as it does not completely replace the existing Concord. Augmenting Concord with players to provide some more interaction is a nice idea but there are simply not enough interested players in doing this kind of activity. After all, sitting around for extended periods of time without anything happening is not really engaging. That’s the biggest issue of Anti Ganking, for instance, as the currently available closest player created replication of Concord. It is lots of sitting around oftentimes in the wrong places and not having enough people ready at a moment’s notice to really accomplish the thing that you want to. The instant jump to target from anywhere (or a central police station like point) helps that a lot.

Quite the true statement, cause we might end up with something like Bounty Hunting.

@Rivr_Luzade got here first and stated exactly my concerns, I for once would like to have my combat alt in these things, I don’t pvp much but would be happy in being part of some “police group”.

Perhaps come up with a station from CONCORD where these “police corps” live in that joined CONCORD, vowing to only target criminals and suspects. For players to be able to interact as the force of law, the station could have a special thing where corps that are part of the police receive the signal and the players have a small window of response (we’re talking seconds here) to take action and jump to where the crime is happening. Waiting long enough (the amount of time it takes for CONCORD to spawn to react to a crime) will trigger the usual CONCORD spawn.

Now as to where the usual CONCORD spawn shows up or not if players take action, I would say it should not, but then this could very well be abused and exploited by multiboxers and others with the intent of Not having CONCORD show up at all.

Neat idea, but it will most definitely be something that requires tweaks here and there, specially to prevent exploitation for ill intents as well as a minimum amount of players required in a fleet to be able to jump so one lone police player does not find himself as the victim. Or maybe it could, he would be the one to blame for going solo anyway.


Welcome to Code having alts in concord, to allow them to get away with ganks.


Yeah it was One of my main concerns when I made my post. This idea would Really need some thought and tweak to work

Which is a major concern indeed, and the main reason why I generally don’t like this kind of player replace Concord thing. As long as the NPC Concord remains in place, this can be mitigated, though. And abuse like taking an emergency call and then just sitting around without doing your job gets you kicked out of Concord after 1 warning

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CONCORD is not a capsuleer entity and has to remain that way to fulfill their job. I don’t see other players arriving in that blink of an eye and wasting your assailant in the same way, either. If you want to hunt criminals like that, head to lowsec

I still think there should be a way players should help LAW enforcement lol or act alongside maybe some more police skins for other factions cough cough “caldari”. kinda like Empire militia? but except Police Sec statis must be 2.0+ and are not allowed to Set their safety to yellow/red

Perks maybe once you get 8.0 standings you can attack players who people normally can’t be attack IE pirates. with the new concord ships they added seems like it would work. DO THE SAME THING but for pirate factions join them and be able to poke around in 0.5 systems concord won’t jump down your throat but local NPC police(and players) can though.

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