Easy Fix to Make Bounty Work

Stop the faction police response against -5 sec status players.

These players with sec status <-5 (pirates for readability) are frequently players with a high bounty. Right now they have no business being in highsec in anything more valuable than a shuttle largely because of the faction police system. Give them the ability to fly real, valuable ships in highsec and we might actually see some bounty motivated aggression.

I think this change could be further improved by adding a new aggression flag different from limited engagement called a Bounty Engagement.
When a player aggresses a pirate, the player, the pirate, and every other pirate in that pirate’s fleet on grid and uncloaked with him gets a Bounty Engagement flag. This would allow the pirates to bring real fleet comps into highsec without triggering criminal flags when remote repping.

I actually like this idea, minus the ability for the entire pirate fleet to be able to fight back. If a person doesn’t get shot, he shouldn’t be able to shoot someone else (in highsec).

Pilots with +5 standings can’t shoot people in highsec, so why would concord allow a pirate to do it.

Since when? Pretty sure I’m over 5 atm, and I’m confident that I could light someone up if I wanted to. Obviously, concord would respond, but I can still shoot them.

Unless you’re in a triple plated battleship, you can move through highsec just fine. We regularly have dudes with ■■■■ sec status, and all they have to do is free-burn through highsec. If they need to hold up and wait for the rest of the fleet, they go dock in a station.

And at the end of the day, if you aggress someone with a bounty and no engagement timer of some kind, concord’s gonna end you anyways. If you had a killright already, the idea doesn’t add any additional conflict opportunity.

Yes…it’s that concord part that I was talking about (I thought quite obviously). If a +5 player can’t shoot someone unprovoked without concord responding…a -5 certainly shouldn’t be able to ;).

Think of the interactions possible if you could.

Maybe concord shouldn’t respond at all if a +5.0 lights up a -5.0? Afterall, sec status is a measure of how much you are trusted by the empires, is it not? Maybe concord should take heed too. The aggressor could still take standings hits, but not get jumped by concord, so they couldn’t go too crazy without having the privilege revoked.

whats a concord?

My 50km 1k Alpha Thrashers, my Tornados and 500 bookmarks prove otherwise.

My experience with being outside in space all the time and knowing that most people don’t even notice I’m there disagrees. Most people simply don’t know, don’t look, don’t care. They either fly from gate to gate without having time to look, or they’re afk and can’t look.

I’m not sure I’m against this. On one side would you make being a suicide ganker super boring for me, because the most interesting part is evading the faction police (making it much more challenging to reach and hunt a target; do that in a 1.0, it’s fun!) … on the other hand am I well aware that if there was no faction police …

… people would scream bloody murder, because they’d be forced to accept that in no way or form are we easy targets to shoot at. You thinking that any change of this kind, to outlaws, would benefit anyone except the outlaws, is a serious mistake.

Not only would suicide gankers be around far more, you’d also see far more lowseccers come to highsec, raiding whole systems. Anyone thinking that the “carebear army of highsec” is going to be a serious problem to any outlaw is hilariously mistaken.

You thinking we’d bling our ships for no reason is another mistake. It’d not happen. We’re not dumb carebears, we’re actualy aware of the dangers and we act accordingly.

Man, the carnage …

Surely James315 wouldn’t allow that to happen. The savior of highsec would save us all from the pirate hordes! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yeah, I know he really wouldn’t and his crew would be among the worst offenders. It’s a fun thought though.)

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Posting in a “buff gankers” thread.

Bounty amount on the player has no correlation with security status whatsoever therefore the whole premise of your idea is wrong.

I think you mistake my purpose.
I want more conflict and more dead ships. I don’t care whose they are.

My view of faction police is that they disincentivize pirates from being in highsec. This is unfortunate, because pirates are the only players that you can normally aggress without CONCORD intervention aside from the odd suspect flagged thief.

I have no doubt at all that there would be few if any instances of pirates and pirate gangs being mobbed to death by the carebear army. I fully expect there to be many a dead bear and would-be bounty hunter.
I expect the occasional real bounty hunter to make a decent payout from destroying those dastardly baddies.

The result is the same: more valid targets and more dead ships

I didn’t doubt that the second part wouldn’t get much traction, but here’s the reasoning:

CONCORD’s mission is to wreck those who aggress without cause.
In the case of a bounty hunter aggressing a known pirate in highsec, CONCORD’s response to the gang’s retaliation might be something like “What did you expect would happen? You seem capable, we’ll deploy our resources elsewhere.”

I did not consider the purpose at all. I was just trying to add things.

You’re right that “pirates” take issues with the faction police, though they really shouldn’t. They’re fun to deal with and make highsec less boring than any other space, when you’re <= -5 … but sure, I get that most people don’t want to go through the hassle of bouncing around on grid all the time. I think that’s fun, but except for those who I’ve showed how fun this can be, no one really seems to like it.

I believe that many also just don’t know better. People often say that “as -5 you can not enter highsec” and equal nonsense.

I was once a bounty hunter. I used a stiletto for doing so. Back in the days pods with GCC weren’t actually legal targets until I asked CCP SoundWave to change that … which he actually did! I’d be happy if there actually reasonable people trying to be bounty hunters, but they don’t seem to exist.

All I ever get to see is wannabe-heroes bathing in their delusions of grandeur. I’ve yet to see a real bounty hunter actually being willing to do whatever it takes to get a bounty.

Like … funnily enough … suicide gankers do!

Which, I guess, brings me back to the crux of the issue I have with any and all ideas regarding bounty hunting:

It’s a feature that seems to be specifically designed around suicide ganking and all those delusional wannabe Han Solos out there refuse to do that. Instead they rather whine about how they can’t legally shoot anyone. They see themselves as Heroes, which is laughable, because they expose themselves as weaklings who aren’t willing to do what it takes.

So … even though it’s probably not a bad idea, sadly there is zero reason to believe that there will be a significant amount of people actually trying to shoot us. Instead, what’s more likely to happen, is that a lot of people will be whining about our superior might, skills and “no holds barred” attitude.

I say might because that’s what it is. Unless bounty hunters actually get together they’re simply no match for us, who are always willing to unite against a good target. For people who have friends (which most carebears just don’t seem to have) it’s really easy to just ask someone for help, and that help can easily end up in a fleet of 10 or more.

The wannabes will come in their blingy ships expecting easy targets and we will come in a fleet made of Tornados, wiping him out of space. The smart hunters, who aren’t suffering from delusions, will be doing it right, but will be too small as a group to get their voice respected.

I wished CCP hadn’t slowly replaced the population with weak minded morons, but sadly that’s what we’re having to deal with.

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I am not a suicide ganker or bounty hunter but I think bounty hunting would be a cool profession though, however. and please correct me if i am wrong but.

Issue 1: the bounty payment is not worth it generally, even if someone had 100m bounty as far as i am aware you will only get a small percentage of that bounty based on the value of the ship that they are flying. On top of that you would get concorded in high sec which means any potential bounty hunter would lose money and sec status for a paltry sum of money.

Issue 2: kill rights, sure you could hunt those with kill rights but when you check info of a guy in a maller and his kill right is 10b isk, then there is obviously some kind of scam going on here.

opinion of my own: I see people in high sec with -10 sec ratings, people from Code etc. surely they would be hunted down by faction police relentlessly. in my opinion they should not be allowed to operate in high sec at that sec status, but should need to repair their sec status to greater than -2,

I would like to see a viable way to be a bounty hunter though, perhaps there is one and I am just unaware as I don’t generally play that kind of game.

Can’t let the entire fleet respond, that’s just suspect baiting but way worse.

Other than that, treat outlaws as permanent suspect. I could get behind that.

Idea #12543098252304945 that doesn’t deal with the ability of the player to have his alt kill him for the bounty.

If you put bounties on people all you are doing is giving your killer your money.


  1. Get to +5
  2. Gank everyone!!

You should still lose standings for unprovoked aggression

I think you need to re-read the proposal.
I said absolutely nothing about changing the bounty payout system. We’d have exactly the same piddily payout system, but there might be a few more guys in highsec to shoot at without getting concorded.
Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.

There is no point in putting any effort into the bounty system until the payout is fixed, whether it is the payouts or just being used as an excuse to get care bear revenge.