Crimewatch Change

Help players help the Faction police.

Upon entry to a system where one has a Concord Security Status under the allowed amount the player goes suspect for their duration within said system.

This would make a very dynamic system that would force negative security status players have to navigate the higher security systems allowing players to engage them and help the faction police to do their jobs.

Aggressing a suspect incurs the standard Limited Engagement timers under Crimewatch.

oh wow such an original idea

no, we don’t all want to play alts online and its helpful to be able to go to jita when my kestrel stock gets low

Sure of course it is. But there should be a bit more risk and consequence. Besides tags for sec are a thing too.

spin me this again there eternus, because this is what i get:

I enter a system with having standing with concord. i go suspect for whatever reason, something about negative standing players going to HS because your suspect in another system.

Maybe i’ll take another guess:

Something about you diverting players with bad security standings into HS for the enjoyment of wannabe pvpers.

I mean, there’s a reason why if your trying to start out with pvp, you go to LS. not to mention getting your teeth knocked in on the daily would be avoided by whoever this is going to effect. if your wanting sec status boosts because you scrapped someone in suspect/criminal status, idk if that is a thing, or if people would want it to be a thing.

Meh. The faction police are already too powerful. I’m fine with players serving as law enforcement, but there is no point in just letting them whore on faction police killmails at no risk.

Let’s just remove the faction police (or only let them matter below -5) and let the players deal with criminals. Otherwise, there is no point in trying to encourage players to get involved when tireless and infallible NPCs will jump in within seconds deciding the encounter anyway.


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Completely agree. I’m all for offering high security space, where “someone” can catch and punish evil-doers, but Concorden and players is far too much.

You’d literally just have people in instalock cepters sitting on the gate, waiting for concord to kill whatever they point.

Now… if the suspect timer were to go away when concord intervened and concord not intervening when a player has already engaged (either concord OR the player deals with the individual) I’d totally support that… but it would be an absolute ■■■■-show to program and it would be an unholy mess to explain to newbros.

there already is, you can’t much move anything bigger than a cruiser through HS nor can you cloak. and that’s more than enough consequence just for having the audacity to live in LS. you make it any worse and people are just force to use HS alts and never enter HS themselves.

just how much isk do you think ppl earn in LS PvP that they can afford theses every time the enter HS

actually, if you had concord pull away if the criminal is engaged, technically a ganker could have an alt point him and shoot at his gank ship with civ guns while the gank ship were to maul multiple miners. idk if crim timers work like the following but it also sounds like you could bake your crim timer off and then just have the “enforcer” alt disengage.

Yea, that would require that each engagement be treated separately… somehow… not saying it would ever work (like I said, it would be a major shitshow to code) but some method of only players or only concord engaging criminals would certainly open up the potential for additional player interaction.

Of course, exploitation exactly like you describe would need to be accounted for.

yea, i already was giving this thread the -1 for not having a legible statement, and if i did end up decoding his engrish correctly it’s -2 for the whole post.

I’d honestly just give it a -1. In concept, with some tweaking and edge case handling, it’s a good idea. Letting players do the work rather than NPCs is a pretty common design goal that CCP has. And it would certainly give HS Gankers and HS deccers a new avenue to pursue.

The problem is the potential for abuse, which is where the -1 comes in. But I do like the concept of the idea, if abuse could be removed.

except the goal with the NPCs is to discourage the use of large ships and make moving uncomfortable not kill the player

pretty sure the goal of the NPCs is to discourage ganking in HS, 'cause otherwise what’s the point of sec status?

you don’t know much about eve do you?

you lose sec status in LS as well

This has zero to do with concord and only applies to faction police and negative status between -2 and -4.9, before a player hits -5 and is kill on sight anyways. What it would mean is that depending on your concord security status you would get instantly suspect flagged when in a system where faction police would also engage you.

Yes it would make travel through high sec much more difficult for players and yes I would also agree that the response times would have to drop considerably if a LE is applied with a player that would naturally draw faction police response.

Yet atm there really isnt much deterent from faction police as I ahve even seen BS warping around with low sec status or players circumventing faction police to camp in enemy high sec. By having them go suspect it would mean that anyone can defend the factions space from these incursions and truly limit a players involvement in another factions space while being a criminal or enemy to that faction.

Players need to police more and allowing anyone, deputizing citizens into that fight that live in the factions space as god like capsuleers seems to be a good way to get the job done that faction police cant seem to get right.

And Lugh as for your need to go to trade hubs with bad standing would mean you would need to find markets closer to your base of operations and not entertain your criminal endevours or frequent a place where such criminal actions wouldnt have consequences such as high security space.

  1. We may be talking about different aspects, but then again, we might not.
  1. Ok, your talking about Facwar, and you made your point much more clearer this time. been meaning to get in on this toon, haven’t really got around to it.

maybe Lugh understood you were talking about facwar too, i surely didn’t.

we are talking about security status correct? that thing you lose anytime you attack someone in LS

too late for that

Its faction police and applies to anyone with a standing between -2 and -4.9 in high sec.
-2 cannot go into 1.0
-2.5 0.9
-3 0.8
-3.5 0.7
-4 0.6
-4.5 0.5

So if you had a standing in these ranges as you enter restricted space you would go suspect for the duration of your stay there. This would mean that the faction police would effectively deputize any player in helping them bring a criminal to justice. Upon engagement standard LE rules apply. This would allow Neutral RR, stabbed fits or even suicide ganking still.

But it would add a much greater player ability to engage these players. One thing that would have to be worked on is if engaged that faction police response would be slightly slower, or if faction police response times would entirely be changed and lowered to the lowest they can be now as in 0.5s as it transitions to player enforcement.

Ironically lowering the response time would allow for more travel and larger ships passing through all of high sec but with the added caveat with the danger coming from players now.