Let players assume the role of Concord

A fresh look at providing new content. Sign-up like you would with FW. Require standings? Limit ship types to CONCORD ships. Disallow firing on all non-Outlaw.

Players are allowed to be the Outlaw… why not allow them to be the Law as well?

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Why limit ship type?

It’s not so much an issue with players being “the law”. It’s more an issue that there’s no point. What’s the point in having a player-run police force when the NPC forces work around the clock, near instantly, for free and to a greater effect than any player force could hope to achieve?


You can be the law right now in fact always could.
On a side note Concord hates capsuleers.

I like it!

Hmm… last game I played where players could be the “law”… that didnt work out so well.

Constantly had rogue player cops doing horrible things before they would be booted from that faction… then they would just create an alt and do it again.

You want to play the law… form a corp and get good standings with EVERY faction and be corp law.

What a new and refreshing idea! Neeeevah heard that one before!


Hi i’m a ganker and this is a bad idea. Why it is, should be clear.

However, I’m not opposed to letting people take the role of faction police, which imo would actually drive confloct between the gankers and anti-gankers. Like even if I wanted to engage ag in regular pvp atm, I couldn’t because i’ll get blapped by facpo in 6-20ish seconds depending on the sec status of the system.

I guess a sort of faction warfare mechanic that gives you a (concord?) lp payout corresponding to the criminals destroyed ship value if you enroll your corp into the local faction police might work, but I’m not big into fw so I couldn’t give you specifics.


Nothing makes a difference as no matter what occurs you will not be allowed to shoot first. So preventative measures to any outlaw or ganking are already set in its current form or else you become the ganker yourself and therefore break the law and impose Concord upon your actions or you can only act after the criminals actions and “race” Concord for the killmail.

The only way you could shoot first is either through the killright mechanic or if CCP changed the “punishment” for ganking or criminal activities. Yet most gankers wont give you the opportunity to engage them until after a criminal timer is engaged already. So for like 90% of all ganking it effectively wouldnt change a thing.

Maybe player police would be more aggressive?

But ya, overall the idea would need to be fit into some broader player run situation. Could be a fun mission for new players wanting to get into PvP: Guard Udema for 2 hours! Mission includes ships, as many as needed :slight_smile:

What you will find is that its actually entirely boring in terms of PvP content to sit around or chase after gankers. Every so often youll get them trying to camp you or chase after you and its rather amusing for me to watch.

As targets of opportunity its not bad but in terms of getting into PvP it would be one of the worst ways to do so. There is nothing to learn in most cases, once a criminal timer is engaged they are virtual sitting ducks until destruction. Whoring on the killmail is about all the time you will have even if you are close by and ready and likely will not influence or change the course of the action itself resulting in a lot of deflated egos in ineffectiveness.

Han Solo shooting first in the canteena just makes you another ganker and its generally not cost effective nor do players wish to lose standings from it. Its quite the catch 22.

All Concord positions are currently full. Apply again next solar cycle’

However you are in luck.
There has become a new position available at your nearest gate. The position is 23.75 hours day.
You get:
Seven minutes to sleep.:sleeping:
Two minutes for nourishment.:yum:
Two minutes to bathe.:wink:
Two minutes for correspondence.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Two minutes for pron.:shushing_face:
Not necessary in that order.

You will assume the controls of a gate gun.:grinning:
You will never leave your post. Ever!:hugs:
You will never ogle any fancy ships with envy.:stuck_out_tongue:
You will never engage by mistake.:sunglasses:
You will never run out of ammo. :smiley:
You will never have to think. Only fire when the light signals.:no_mouth:

Any violations will be swiftly met with a jolt of 1k volts at 1kk amps that will promptly cause a full body cavity enema. :scream:
No second violations have ever occurred as the capsuleer have permanently become deceased.:expressionless:

If you are the capsuleer applying for the position :face_with_monocle:
Please fill out the forms in triplicate and send them to the Concord Training Centre.:nauseated_face:

BTW should you be selected,kiss your sorry butt goodbye. You won’t be returning. Its for life. :upside_down_face:

The only matter at that point to consider. Who can have your stuff?:laughing:

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Gankers don’t care about sec status, so players can already shoot first, unlike CONCORD.

Unfortunately, it’s not that the game prevents players shooting most gankers, it’s that anti-ganking is disorganised and filled with incompetence.


LOL that too.

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I had a rough idea on that.
CONCORD Anti-Criminal auto target turret
Can only be fit on Marshal.
Had superior but not infinife firepower that destroys only the criminals in vincinity. However the Marshal itself, being very expensive, can be a target of suicide ganking. So if you have no way to prevent your 40b freighter killed, why not try fight back in a 40b Marshal? Isn’t it a good example of risk and profit?

You already can.

Sorry, this game doesn’t need a bunch of players running around saying:

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The game already allows you to shoot at anyone with red security status or a suspect or criminal timer. No changes to the crimewatch mechanics are needed.

Replacing CONCORD with players is ridiculous - people don’t want to turn the game into a job where you need to report for your shift, wait on standby for a criminal act to occur and then arrive within 20 seconds to save or avenge the victim!

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I’m already running around saying that :rofl:

thats wrong

thats already the case

Maybe you should read up on eve mechanics before furiously posting on the forums?