Criminal vs law enforcement?

Alternatively Why can players be the police I. Our own world. Give us the ability to go after Negative players in high sec to hunt those -1.0 people

Allow us to go up to security rating of 10 and enlist with local police for our respective factions.

Let the gankers gank but let the players police

Maybe the opposite of code/safety would pop up

Another PvP option could pop up

Criminals vs law enforcement. Nothing would change In low and null but

In high sec. criminals would have to watch their back

Have skins that can only be activity by good standings with your alignment

No clue. Just thinking of something different Lol


You can already shoot characters with a security status below -5. All you need to do is to be at places where lots of criminals gather.

The problem is that criminals can easily hide in NPC stations and use NPC services just like any other user with good security ratings.


They can, or at least be the vigilants. Most are just too lazy and careless.

Hey @Githany_Red, yet again ignored by the people you try to “help”. How it feels?


Who is that

And no vigilante stuff like sign up for faction warfare. Something new.

So ccp can make more police skins for me to buy

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Sorry, I cant say, or she will think she is relevant.

Well, CONCORD/Faction Police already act like vigilant forces… It is not that big of a difference anyways. The point is that you are asking for “the ability to hunt criminals”, which is already in the game. So it brings the question: in what your proposal is different that what we already have in the game?

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Wonderful as you can imagine but luckily they are not my main concern

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Then I want to be a an official vigilante :rofl:

While are you there you may give a perspective of the ins and out of pretending to be a police officer. You know, things like catching targets and making it sound more fun than it really is.


Like what?

What you mentioned in your first post, already exists.

Why shouldn’t they? Gankers kill carebears which are famous for slaughtering NPC’s by the billions.

They should lock the cearbears out instead.

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Pirate NPCs mostly in high sec, that’s why you have positive sec status and gain standing with factions (and lose with opposing factions for supporting one over the other). You support the empires by killing the pirates.

Killing capsuleers is a criminal act and thus you lose security status as it is not supporting the empires. It’s really funny why someone marked as criminal gets chased by concord and faction navies, yet they can still dock in and use NPC station services just fine.

There’s the little difference between your gas-lighting attempt explained.


What is really funny is people in NPC nullsec, killing ships of a given faction all day and then using services of that same faction just fine.


No it does not, There is no. Law enforcement equivalent to faction warfare. For example if someone. Has -10 with Caldari state. If you are in faction warfare you can not attack that person Also if someone is -2.0 security status you can’t attack them. They must be -5 or worse

you can attack them, all you have to do is set safety to red and shoot . The gankers seem to be able to manage that so you could as well.


True fair point :wink: I’ll have to try that

if we are going to nitpick, one can use this method to attack anyone.
Also, may a suggest people try it with a Thunderchild Should be handy, if the objective is to attack pirates, to be able to hit multiple of then at the same time.


I am pretty sure it was a joke lol :joy: I have had my run in years ago with arrg ganking my Corp mates

Yes, thank God. another thread about ganking. It just doesn’t get old.

I’m fine with repercussions like service removal for those people as well. As long as CCP, for instance, adds skillbooks to NPC null sec, too. Angel Cartel, Serpentis, Sansha and Guristas have respective corps for that already.

What ganking problem? Plenty of people to gank.