Ganking in high sec

As a paying player I am a little perplexed at the fact that old high skilled criminals are coming in to high sec and podding unarmed miners just to pump their what ever. If i were interested in PVP I would skill up and go to low or null sec, that is not my thing. As a player interested in industry and building ships and ammo for other players I feel that we should warrant some protection from the gankers and low lifes that prey on the players of less skill and time in the game. We pay to play just as they do so why should they be able to dictate our experience. There have been several instances where I and others would purchase a several Mill ISK ship, go pick it up and on the way back to get it fit out, got ganked by cloaked predictors at a gate, losing an expensive unarmed ship.

You want more players and longer game play please address this situation because it is getting worse, just the other day in Ivih one of my corp mates was podded while mining outside our station after we popped a moon. We were mining in our area not bothering anyone and two players came in podded Wicked and left. We work too hard to get what we have and our efforts and livelihood in the game in high sec should be protected.


I think the cliche EVE saying will fix this:

“You consent to PVP when you undock.”

EVE is a sandbox. Get used to it. High Security doesn’t mean 100% security.


A few misconceptions regarding your post.

First off, Eve online is a PVP-centric game. That doesnt mean that everyone will always have to PVP all the time, but it does mean that you are never unsafe if you undock, and you consent to PVP if you undock. There is always a risk of losing your ship, no matter where you are in EVE online. Even if you are uninterested in PVP, it does not matter, as this is a sandbox MMO where you will always run the risk of interacting with players, for better or for worse, whether you like it or not.

Secondly, its not necessarily restricted to old high skilled players, who gank. Even a 10 day old character can gank. PVP in EVE has little to do with skillpoints. Having less time in the game has nothing to do with whether your ship got blown up. 10 year veterans can still lose their mining ships, and they constantly do.

Thirdly, it is up to you to protect your ship. It is not the game, or the developers fault that you lost an expensive, unarmed ship. you have the power to prevent or mitigate the chances of being Ganked. You are at fault here.

The key to EVE is to fly ships you can afford to lose. Remember this.

Again, it is up to you to defend yourselves. No one, other than yourselves, are at fault. Hisec is not a hundred percent safe, and there is always a risk of being killed, no matter where you are.

If you worked hard to get what you have, then you should also work hard to protect it.

If you dont like this, if you want 100% safety where you never lose assets, then im sorry to say but EVE is not the game for you. World of Warcraft has a much more forgiving nature, and you can die and lose none of your items. I hear hello kitty island adventure is also very fun.


They win if you complain



In this subforum one assumes a poster is actually not trolling until and unless they prove otherwise…

So - Dear new EvE players: don’t adopt these attitudes OP shows.

1 - New Eden is an at-all-times open-pvp environment. There is plenty of room for those who do other things than ship-vs-ship combat, but in all cases the players must adapt to the game and not demand the game adapt to them. It is quite possible to do anything you wish in EvE -thousands upon thousands of players have and do -you simply must use your wits. There are many ways to mitigate risk greatly, but it will always be there. Some like that. Become one.
2 - Don’t whine, no matter what. Everyone will lose ships. There is a reason one of the main rules of EvE is “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”. That’s not just afford in isk, either - afford mentally and emotionally also. Ships are tools for you, nothing more, don’t get overly attached to them.
3 - Some people will do things to you just to see if you will “cry” about it. Don’t give them what they want.
4 - live by #2
5 - I hope you change and enjoy EvE. If you continue down the way your post indicates, it seems almost certain you will leave in frustration, and it can be different.

Sorry, i just realized who was ganked.

Are you kidding me. Your friend is not new, with less skill and time in the game. She has been playing since 2009. The gankers, Ronald McdonaId has only been playing since 2017. Stacia Galacktic, 2014. Janikl Janeczek 2013. Axcel Gravel 2018. Kurgan Solonik 2017. Only one person, DesaulT, has been playing since 2007.

What is it with people lying about how they are poor, less killed, less old characters? You are playing since 2009, ganking isnt new, and learning not to play with ships with paper-thin tanks is nothing new.


Some people are weird. They name their ships and everything! Like a baby or something.

I’m here to help

Because it’s fun and it’s lucrative. The after effects are also enjoyable.

Because culling tall poppies, or miners, never gets old.

Oh nice ad-hominem. Allow me to retort. Your purpose as a carebear is to provide us with target practice, loot and lacrimations. Keep up the good work.

As I’m helping you out, I have first claim to your stuff if you leave.

It’s not your area. It probably belongs to someone else, someone who has spent years cultivating that area for the betterment of others.

Now you’ve let yourself down. Mining is not hard. It’s the easiest way to scratch some ISK. It’s so trivially simple a child could do it. By no measure is it “hard” or “difficult”.

Ah man, this isn’t going well. CCP won’t and it seems you can’t. Please send me 500 million ISK for our bespoke mining security package: as you’re a priority case you’ll get 3 months’ protection starting as soon as I get the ISK.


This is not a new player post.

It doesn’t belong in this forum.


Agreed. OP was created in 2013. Mods please move?

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Well, thats what your friend gets for flying a Mack.

2013? In that case:

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They lost a precious ship to a fast food chain clown. I would rage, too.

I lost 2-3 ships to highsec gankers - but each and every time I was affk (second f stands for emphasis effing) or (even worse) suspect because of cheap loot I was too weak to leave at site.
So each highsec loss was my own fault. But it’s cheaper to make these mistakes with Ventures and Vexors, though…
On the other hand we were mining and chatting, as a pair of ganker Dessies appeared. 20 drones and concord got them down quite fast, while they picked the wrong (i.e. well tanked) target.
Don’t be the victim, be in charge!


CCP have already intimated that ganking is here to stay.
One needs to learn how to cope with / deal with / ignore it.
There have been probably hundreds of threads about this over the years… nothing is going to really change on the side of the game mechanics or EULA… that is something that EVE players have to accept, or go and play something else.

If you need help there are places / people you can ask.

Welcome to EVE online.

This game is not friendly to carebears, so you’re gonna wanna change your attitude fast. This game wasn’t designed to be farm simulator; it’s a festering petri dish of cultures and ideologies (for better or worse). When you undock, you consent to PVP, it’s how the risk vs reward in EVE works. If everyone could safely bear to their heart’s content, you wouldn’t be able to make a profit doing risky ■■■■.

I recommend you start playing the game, otherwise you’ll end up leaving, high security space isn’t playing the game, NS is where it begins.

Just mine in a tanked Procurer or Skiff and you will have near-zero problems from gankers. Unless you’ve purposely royally pissed someone off, no one is going to bother with you. Take a look on ZKill, how many Procurers or Skiffs do you see getting ganked in high sec that isn’t the result of being in an active war? Barely any…

Ganking is an essential element of the risk/reward balance in the game. Eve markets are player driven - if there was no risk the ore you harvest would have no value.

There is a lot of satisfaction thriving as prey in a game like Eve. There are things you can do to reduce your risk but you also need to start thinking of ships as consumable.

It isn’t a question of if it will be killed but when. It takes 3, maybe 4 loads of Plagioclase to pay for an uninsured Retriever (you get reimbursed 40% of the hull value) - anything beyond that is profit.

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Procurer yes, Skiff = no. Even properly tanked Skiff is much more expensive, than a gang of catlysts, needed to kill it. So gankers will win ISK war and that is what they are looking for. Procurer, if tanked properly, needs 5-6 catalysts to take it down before concord arrives. Which means gankers will lose the isk war unless procurer is fitted with expensive modules.

[Procurer, gank magnet]

Damage Control II
Mark I Compact Reactor Control Unit

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II

Strip Miner I
Strip Miner I

Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I

Hobgoblin II x5
Mining Drone I x5

80 k EHP vs catalysts (over 60 vs thrashers, but gankers like catalysts more) and still over 16 m3 per second with drones. For the price tag of 29 milions. If attackers use 3,4 milion ISK meta fitted catalyst, they will do 350-400 DPS per ship and need rather large team of 7-10 players to kill you in time. So - if ganker see you and any other ship in the belt - he will decide to attack other ship. Team work is essential here

So many game mechanics in EVE reward those that guard their gains against other players (by force, by hiding, by attention, by intel, by community) that one could come to the conclution that leaving anything unarmed, ungarded, unwatched and alone comes with the inherent risk of loosing it.

I feel your pain dude.

Ganking in highsec is unfair, it is evil, somewhat easy and so on
but it’s necessary and the earlier you “understand” it, the better.