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My name is Lorelei and I am announcing my candidacy for CSM XIII. I have just submitted my application to CCP. I am running whilst focused on High Sec. I am a self-confessed High Sec Carebear and am proud of it. I have – as I do every year - analysed the commitments planned/coming up in my life for the next year and have decided that I can afford the time to run for CSM XIII!

I really haven’t changed, neither has what I am thinking, (and therefore neither has my opening campaign post, really) and I am looking forward to discussing with you all!

My blog contains links to previous campaign threads, interviews, posts about me and so on. If you are interested to know more it is worth a look. The copy of this Campaign Post also has more linkage, to articles that explain and expound on the things I am saying and/or thinking:
Here: http://hisec-carebear.blogspot.de/2018/03/csm-xiii-campaign-thread.html

But to recap for people that do not want to jump to other web sites:

Is there room for a High Sec candidate on the CSM? Someone that has the well-being of the multitude of High Sec pilots at heart?
I would like there to be a “High Sec” platform, for a candidate for the CSM.
The problem with High Sec space is that the players there are all independent. There is no feeling of “we”. This lack of “we” is a problem. The lack of “we all stand together” is a problem. The “apathy of the carebear” is a problem…

This I know. I know that, although numerically High Sec has the largest number of log-ins… accounts… players… I know that High Sec will probably never be able to gather together enough in order to support a CSM candidate. But that is no reason to not try!!
Come on, High Sec! If something is important for you, stand up for it!!!

Who am I?

I am a High Sec Carebear, and proud of it!
High Sec Carebears tend not to socialize too much, and are only members of NPC or small corporations. If you are reading this thread, then sadly you probably do not belong to the player-metric that I mostly represent!

Well, this is not the first character I have created in order to play “EVE”. I have never been a member of a big alliance or coalition. I have never been a member of a big corporation. I wouldn’t know what one would do to “define” a big corporation. Hell, I have never really left High Sec space before the CSMX Election…

I gained my love of Spaceship games by playing Elite… way back on my ZX Spectrum 48k+ (with a jammed SHIFT key (jammed as in… raspberry jam)). Back then it was possible to try docking with a space station and to accidentally line up with the back of the station… and die whilst trying to fly through the back of the station to the entrance. Fun times.

I graduated to Frontier: Elite II on a 486 PC, and spent my time happily flying between Barnard’s Star, SOL, and Wolf 359. I should have been studying, but flying a (mostly harmless) panther fully loaded with robots was more fun.

I kept my eyes open for an online version of a space-sim… and that is where EVE comes in.
I really enjoy (as in “really”) flying transports, fulfilling contracts, and, sometimes, mining.

My CSM Interests for 2018:
I think it is important for people to know what the CSM is, and can achieve. I could not run claiming that I would make all spaceships pink. As a member of the CSM I would not be in a position to dictate to CCP or enforce any “election promises”. The scandals of the past have meant that the Player Base has lost some trust in this institution.

But well, check out all my old threads for more about what/how I think… but here is what is mostly on my mind at the moment:

None Of The Above: An opportunity for people to vote in the CSM, but to vote for None Of The Above. It’s like a survey to try and gauge player interest. The problem of player participation is disproportionately affecting those of us in high sec (because we carebears are not exactly non-solo)

In order to increase the possibility of player participation, maybe CCP could get some more Popups rolling. Reminding players to vote is not a bad thing, and I remember thinking when all those “Agency” popups/notifications started flowing… that CCP could also do something good for the elections (if they were interested in the CSM).

Ganker: I would like at least a 50% chance of walking away from a gank. At the moment this is not the case. On my blog, in the past, I mentioned some changes to Concord that I would like to see. I would also like to see some changes to Ice Spawning (maybe in random systems?) that would mean that the gankers would have to move around to gank ice miners! Local chat could also be changed to provide less free “intel” to people. No need to announce to everyone who is in local… just the number of pilots.
I would like to clarify, I am not in favour of stopping ganking completely. I am not in favour of just AFK mining the whole day. EVE is what it is, and the game developers have been quite clear over the years where they stand on this issue.

Please read my last threads before posting questions… we really do not need to cover the points that have been discussed before… high sec is worth fighting for!

New Player Experience: That was a WOW change in the last years. I have managed to try it. It is about a bazillion times better than the old way. It does however need observing, and I am looking forward, as always, to the statistics from Fanfest!
On the subject of Fanfest, I missed the (missing) Team Security presentation last year. That was, for me, one of the highlights!

Player Corporations: Last year in the campaigns, some other candidates also took up this banner. Inventing some way to let people socially interact without having to deal with a bunch of tedious stuff can only help player retention – especially in an area (High Sec) where people are otherwise isolated. See my blog and previous posts in Campaign threads for details. The need for player groups that are just social has not changed.

But when all is said and done, I believe a CSM member needs to be a conduit for information exchange between CCP and the players. I do not think that the CSM should be used for the Metagame.

Thank you for reading this far. I am looking forward to working with you / hearing from you, and although I am always busy at this time of year, I promise to read every post in my thread.
Links to other posts about me: http://hisec-carebear.blogspot.de/2015/03/csmx-lorelei-posts-links.html



Here is a link to my last campaign thread, which also contains links to other threads and information that one can read on the eve forums.

Edit: And I should once again note, that I am European Timezone, so my forum responses at the moment are limited by that.

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Ok, to get your thread rolling I’ll ask you a highsec question about something that came to the game since your last run: moon mining.

What are your thoughts on (and experience with) the new highsec moon mining mechanic? Are you happy that with how they were implemented and what are you thoughts on the lack of tools for highsec refinery owners to enforce their claim on the moon rocks their structures spawn?

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Thank you for taking the time to come into my thread, and ask an interesting and new question!

No direct experience with them. I don’t belong to a Corporation or Coalition large enough in order to properly take advantage of what they have done.

Firstly to the idea itself. I am happy that CCP are trying to shake up the mining world, and give miners something to think about other than NPC fleets mining the belts out before I can. My own ideas to liven mining up a bit would have been to have ice belts spawning in different systems… moving around a bit. That would also force miners to move around a bit.

Increasing the opportunities for miners to get more active and involved is a good thing. In principle.
But your average carebear won’t do it. The way they have it set up, if it is even worth doing, the larger, organised groups (ie nullbears) will come and do it. If it is not worth the effort, then it will largely be ignored. I think.

I am not sure about the economic doom theories that have been coursing around reddit (for example). As it stands, once the novelty wears off, I imagine things will settle out.

Not especially happy.

Claiming territory is not really what High Sec is about. Most people in high sec don’t want to do it.

High sec wardecs are broken. High sec wardec mechanics are broken. Have been forever.
I think having things set up so that high sec miners are forced to resort to illegal activites (ganking) in order to defend rocks is a bad idea. One man multiboxing can gank very big things, just as one man multiboxing can mine lots. But noone should be forced to gank. If it were possible for CCP, for example, to flag a corporation mining rocks spawned by another corporation so that they can be shot (and shoot at) members of that corporation (kind of like a wardec, but more time-limited (eg til downtime) for the mining… then that would be a start. Of course there is then the problem of npc corporations… and of course griefing potential.

One could make High Sec moon mining (or any moon mining) only open to people in player corporations… allowing wardecs (even if they are broken). One could make an automatic sec status drop whilst “stealing” ore. Eventually faction police would come… or the ore thief would have to use some of his profits to buy tags…


Sharing a mail I got in game, out of the blue:

From: ANON
Sent: 2018.03.21 20:37
To: Lorelei Ierendi,


I’ve never voted in CSM, and am no longer a high sec bear however I do find the concept of a high sec’er being on CSM interesting. And do agree there probably should be someone representing the majority of players, seems in interest of the game.

So, only question for this 1 vote at least, how do I vote?

Thank you,


I, of course, replied with the information requested. I certainly hope that CCP does a stand up job of promoting the elections this year, and enabling everyone who is interested to cast a vote… for whomever they want!


you got my vote (if alpha’s can vote)

also, what is your opinion on letting alpha’s use mining barges?


Yeah… No. Theft is important and deserves no harsh punishment. People who are not willing to defend their stuff by all means necessary are not entitled to keep it. Using ganking alts is cheap and easy, too.

Cheap and easy two words that should not be in Eve…


Thank you for taking an interest in the CSM and in my thread!

Sadly, but probably for the best, as far as I know, Alpha accounts will not be allowed to vote… although Alphas can run as candidates. I can just imagine what someone with more time than sense cough would do, if Alphas were allowed to vote without restriction.

My opinion on letting Alphas use mining barges? I honestly am not sure what damage one person with one account in a mining barge could do. I do find myself wondering what sorts of incentives there would be, to be an OMEGA if Alphas can do pretty much everything. I guess CCP also have to think about the incentives to go omega.


I agree that theft is important. I think the problem here is the limited ability to defend.

And if someone rolls in with a Mining Orca and steals my stuff… I don’t think my computer can run enough clients simultaneously that I could gank them.

I think that pretty much sums up the problem. And that is also something @Black_Pedro was talking about in his post. The ability to defend your stuff is wildly disproportionate to the ability to steal it.


I think the poster was flippantly referring to “cheap and easy”, maybe even making a joke. I am sure running a fleet of ganking alts capabale of stopping skiffs/orcas stealing my stuff… whilst at the same time mining my stuff… is neither really cheap nor easy. In order to have them all logged in at the same time… either Plexing or Credit Card… and a High Sec mining operation is probably not going to net me enough Iskies to run a bunch of Omega accounts…

Creating the gank alts is cheap and easy.


Where does this limited ability originate from ?

Um… shitty aggression / wardec mechanics in High Sec? Broken bounty system? for example


When you blame the mechanics you blame the game. In the last 10+ years there were tens of thousands of people who managed to defend themselves, more or less successfully, so blaming the game has no base.

Why does it, in your opinion, not originate from the players who can not, or are not willing to, defend themselves?

Name one?


Are you serious? I can give you a list of names who have been playing for many years, but there is no point to that and you know it. You can neither fool me, nor most of the others with this.

Sure, I’ll bite. One: Cannibal Kane. : - )

You try to deflect from the fact that it is the people’s fault when they can not manage to deal with their environment. If it was the game’s fault, it would be dead already, as there would have been masses of complaining people.

Answer the question above. Ignoring it just makes you look guilty as charged.

So when did Cannibal Kane defend his mining operations? And does the player that bought him have much success defending his high sec moon mining ops?

Wasn´t @Kannibal_Kane one of those that got disillusioned with high sec war… you know, after ccp disabled the ability to get notified when someone logs in or out? Has he been able to recapture the feeling of fun from the old days? His opinion of various high sec mechanics would surely be interesting.

And as for your question, I have already answered it. Actually more than once in the sources linked above. I have no idea what else to say to you on the matter.

Guilty as charged of what? Jumping in to someone´s csm thread and trying to derail what could be an interesting discussion about new aspects of high sec by resorting to the same tired rhetorik that people were using in my last three campaign threads? The answer to your question is there.


Eric! I lol’d!

April the first! Nice job, CCP!


Killing off/addressing Jump fatigue would make the player base happy before releasing the information on the expansion.

This comes from the CSM Summit minutes and high-lights why I consider it important that non-Null Sec have representation to CCP. It is strange math that a mere percentage of the whole constitutes “the player base”.

But whether that is you who represents remains to be seen. From what I have seen so far, you contention is that Ganking is over-powered and needs to be curtailed. Firstly even if you had some success here, some of the best minds in the game would quickly re-theory it. Then you are back at square-one. This has been proven repeatedly in the games history. (see Can Flipping as example). It is not about gankers making good or better decisions. It is largely about (for want of a better word) the victims making poor choices.

The NPE is largely PvE.

CSM minutes Again.

Jin suggests a gladiator style end to the tutorial where two new players are pitted against each other. CCP Affinity says that this would work for some playstyles, but CCP can’t force that on everyone.

Who cares about playstyles?! It is a PvP game - better that this element is introduced as soon as possible. Because even if CCP “can’t force” players will - with a lot more relish and mis-information. Whether that means directing players into FW, RvB or something. Educated Players that make informed choices will beat ganking.

TLDR: make players smarter, not ganking dumber.

After all my rhetoric, let me pose an actual question: How do you feel about having Industry in the NPE gated behind a elemental understanding of ship handling? (handling: local, d-scan and fitting).


I saw my name pop up.

But since you want me to assume that you support me in highsec I would like to have a chat. Send me an evemail on times you would be available ingame and we can have a 1 on 1.

Have a good day further. :slight_smile: