Lorelei Ierendi: High Sec Candidate

Hello! It’s me!!

My name is Lorelei and I am posting about CSM XV. You may remember me from the CSM Elections X through XIV! Here is a link to my Campaign Thread last year:

I am a self-confessed High Sec Carebear and am proud of it.

I have – as I do every year - analysed the commitments planned/coming up in my life for the next year, and was sad to discover that I do not have the free time that I would need to be comfortable running this year, and especially not if I did get elected. Over the last couple of months RL (work etc.) has been getting crazy… and there is not much sign of that slowing down in the next weeks.

Last year my campaign thread blew up to nearly 800 posts. Alone the time that that took is something I could not see myself being able to keep up… not to mention interviews, chats in game, leaving secure containers all over the place, and so on. I believe in the things that I stand for, and having some of my opponents (and some trolls), having free reign in a Campaign Thread because I would not be able to check it so often… well that would make me sad.

And then there is the issue of actually being on the CSM, if I did get elected, which would also be precarious. I would definitely not want to be one of those that gets removed from the CSM for not doing enough… THAT would be a real nail in the coffin of High Sec!

Before making the decision to not run this year, I wrestled with my conscience. I wanted to run, campaigning is fun! I feel like we managed to build up a bit of momentum over the years, and keeping the flag of High Sec waving.

In fact right up until the deadline… I was not sure if I could bring myself to leave it. Then the deadline got extended, which made things harder.

Of course, if circumstances allow (and I really hope things are better next year) I will be back for CSM XVI…

So I thought I would make a quick post here so that the people that might be looking for me will know what is going on. If anyone has any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.

TLDR: I am sadly not running for CSM this year.

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Who are your endorsements?

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Once the official list of candidates is out there, I will say something on this matter!

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Hope I make it on the list


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Did the deadline get extended again?

Nah, Stream announcement tomorrow of who made the first cut. 1900 UTC


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Well according to CCP, threads were included in the registration deadline. That deadline passed before the creation of this thread.

He said hes not running this year. READ.


Then the thread “Lorelei Lerendi: High Sec Candidate” is superfluous. Which is my point.


There have been enough people asking me where my campaign thread is this year, that I felt justified posting a short note explaining.

If you stop responding, it will disappear very quickly.

He just has a habit of trying to correct people on things that need no correcting. He also didn’t read past the title because he suffers from OCOS.

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And Mike made it in.

There is definitely something to be learned here, about not diluting the non-null vote.


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