Dev Blog: Call for CSM 13 Candidates!

This year we’re changing the cadence of the CSM term and elections. Final candidates list will be revealed at Fanfest and the election will take place after.

In this blog you can all the things you need to know about to successfully apply as a CSM 13 candidate!


Is the previous application still being used? Just wondering for the purpose of preping what to put in it.

Also looks like a good schedule looking forward to seeing it playout

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Same info, yes :slight_smile:

Edit: Assuming you mean the application form.


Will station campaign ads see a return this election? If so will the same rules apply, can I use my previous ad?

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Idk if that’s a positive campaign message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Consistency and Honesty are both traits considered obscure and desirable in politicians. In that way I think it’s a great strategy.


Was more remarking on using your characters image, it’s hauntingly disturbing. :slight_smile:

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Who’s gonna be in the blob lobby, knowing all the things they should start speculating on 3 days before the dev blog appears?

No intrigue though, same as always, all will be blobbers, none will matter.


I welcome you to read my campaign post Commander Aze


If you want other people on the CSM, vote for them. Get other people to vote. It’s entirely possible for someone who’s independent to get onto the CSM.



Steve pls.

We all know exactly how it ended the last N times. We get a proper candidate, and it gets removed by a petty criminal CCP FullCon.

Then the rest is filled with blobby lobby and vegetable pretenders who’s just as much of a blobby lobby in truth… yes, I mean you.

Then some of them may sometimes be removed for speculating for more than they agreed with CCP FullCon upon, but that’s about the only reason that can get them removed. And the crook party cycle continues.


Please, it is purely a popularity election.
There will never be a true “independent” on the CSM.
Anyone and everyone who gets voted onto the CSM has the backing of the blobs

The best thing that could happen to the CSM elections is they get cancelled.



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Nope, here you’ve verge into full on crazy conspiracy theory. I mean, I expected you to, so it’s nice to see I’m right, but you don’t need to make it so easy.

You know, you might be able to make a more convincing argument if you didn’t dip into insults. Of course, because you do, it’s obvious that you’re not going to think about replies. So I can respond in kind.

You appear to think there are people pulling my strings. Can you tell them to pay me? I don’t think they got that memo.

Every election is based on popularity. It’s how they work. Do you have something against democracy? :wink:


I never said anyone was pulling your strings, only that you wouldn’t get elected without their vote.
Like real life, those who really control the CSM elections know if they didn’t have 1 or 2 “outsiders” elected, CCP (the governing body) would change how the elections are held. Or do the right thing and just give up on the idea of a “player representative group” which has never been representative of more than minorities within the player base.

Simply the fact 1 person with 100 alts can vote 100 times skews the chance of any realistic election results.

Sorry to say but you are nothing but a puppet in a pretend election process, whether you want to see it that way or not.

CSM elections are a farce

Why would they pay you? You serve the purpose they put you there for. You get to say you were elected by the player base because, whatever you like to tell yourself AND now you want payment for all those free votes…

Sorry but there is no “democracy” in CSM elections, the results are fixed by the mega groups and democracy should NEVER EVER be based on popularity.
Why do you think the world is so fuk’d up today - Politics is about what the elected member can get out of it, it has little to nothing to do with what they can do for the wider community.

NB; The election fixing for the CSM is quite transparent, if you know where to look…


I did not memorize the blog but I did note one odd thing . . . it used to be that ISD could not run, has that changed?


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I dont care. The last guy I voted for…rhiload. He stepped down. So I’m not voting anymore. Also…why even vote at all. In the 6 years ive played ive not noticed the csm actions at all. At least as far as I can tell.


As unlikely as it is id ever win enough votes I’ll never apply until you get rid of the NDA. Csm should be free to discuss everything with players.

Ndas are for people with something to hide and don’t want transparency.

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Rhiload is still on the CSM so he didn’t step down.

If you follow what the CSM are talking about and doing, you’d see the actions. The CSM minutes and the discussion threads around them are a good place to start. Then it’s good to keep en eye on changes coming out in the months after. The recent Upwell updates and the March changes to Sov and Fatigue were heavily influenced by advice and input from the CSM to name recent examples.