CSM 16 - All You Need to Know

o7 Capsuleers!

CSM election time is upon us!
Please use this thread to discuss the content of the CSM 16 blog that has just been released.


Whoop whoop! :+1:


CSM is still going on? I thought we cancelled it because of COVID.

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There’s one thing you should know which isn’t in the devblog.
I’m still not running. :wink:


HereWeGo :call_me_hand:

CSM is going strong in spite of COVID. We couldn’t bring the CSM Members to Iceland as CCP traditionally does, but like the blog post mentions the meetings, knowledge sharing and etc., have still been held digitally.


I was wondering when I could learn more about running for CSM again :grin:

Sad that Archer en Tilavine isn’t running.

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I’m not going to vote for anything this year. The CSM is full of crap and CCP ignores them because CCP doesn’t want to see info leaked early.


My vote is available for 2.6b


What did the CSM15 achieve last year ? It could be cool to see a kind of recap of the work done

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We weren’t that lucky


Where can i find results of current CSM work?
What was proposed by CSM → and what was implemented


I regret that I cannot “like” this post :wink:

This is hard to document, because we talk about a ton of stuff, and nobody is really keeping track. The closest I’ve got is my list, and I track things that I get fixed or changed (and some of this list is tongue in cheek, too) so that I know what was done and what still needs to get done.


And there’s the “Can I really claim credit for that?” problem too.

(And that the CSM isn’t a body with the power to make CCP do anything.)

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Well maybe someone should. IRL I do meetings for our projects and every time, someone has to scribe.

But your website is much appreciated, I will read it

Why isn’t @Archer_en_Tilavine running? Can he be a write-in candidate?

most of the communication isn’t done in formal meetings.