CSM 15 - All You Need to Know


It’s this time of the year again! Please use this thread to discuss the content of the CSM 15 dev blog that has just been released.



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How do we know who to vote for, if that is a something us Miners can do?

“CSM section on EVE Online forums” I think this is my answer

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when the time to vote is near they will tell us. between now and then, its EVE election season. Listen to all with a “how will this benefit my playstyle” ear.

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Remember that there’s a record of CSM campaigns from last year that you can look through to see what positions people have held in the past and whether or not they flip flop around to suit their needs.


Do your research, reach out to candidates. And remember, anyone who promises you gameplay changes are lying and don’t know what a CSM member does. Don’t vote for idiots.


I will be interested in reading the campaigns and seeing who might positively effect my gameplayif there is such Candidate.

Wishing those parties all the best.


Don’t you worry, you mention mining Ice or Ore inside your campaign and you might receive my votes as I am a qualified idiot.


I can’t help but notice a couple of errors in https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/ .

The CSM brings focused and structured feedback from the community to CCP and represents their views and interests.

‘the community’ is a singular communal noun, not a plural. ‘its’ (as last year’s had) was correct, ‘their’ is incorrect. This is a common error, and often crops up when considering the difference between ‘people’, and ‘a people’. The former references people in general, where the latter references a collective, like a nation.

It also crops up in organization names when those names seem plural. ‘The New York Yankees’ is, in fact, a singular organization, and when talking about the Yankees org, it is appropriate to use singular verb agreement, as opposed to ‘the members [notice the plural?] of the New York Yankees’, which ‘the Yankees’ is often shorthand for. Similarly, ‘the community’ is singular, where ‘members of the community’ would be plural.

The CSM will be asked to attend on-site summits in person in Iceland where they will have the opportunity to take part in high-intensity work sessions with the EVE Online teams.

Should be changed to ‘an on-site summit’, considering…

but that one’s less explicitly wrong, and more just unclear (which you don’t want it to be).

CCP greatly values help from the CSM in both providing direct feedback and gathering player feedback on features that are in active development, in public testing, or as optional features on Tranquillity.

There’s only one ‘L’ in ‘Tranquility’.


Why not just save all the time and effort and just appoint whoever the null groups want appointed?


It’s more fun to watch highsec not even try to get themselves organized and talk to one another about the CSM?


It’s basically impossible to organise a group consisting of completely separate players with various interests and playstyles who do not take orders from one nonce at the top. You know that. You exploit that. You know full well that null groups are able to command their minions to vote for whole lists of candidates and that can’t really be countered without the voting system changing.


You’re not even TRYING. You are literally proving his point right now.
You just threw your arms up and said, “nope, can’t do it, it’s impossible!” and now you’re throwing a hissyfit.


And yet, political parties do it every year in hundreds of cities and nations all over the world. Gosh, it’s almost like actually trying to get some messaging going has an impact.

I also know that we can’t force them to vote for anyone they don’t want to. We don’t know how any individual votes. We can’t control how they vote. We can only say ‘these are the people we think would be good for the job’.

I mean, I’m just as ‘able’ to ‘command’ all of highsec to get off their butts and vote. Here, watch, I’ll do it now:


That’ll have exactly as much power to compel votes as anything else we do this cycle.

If you catch me flopping about call me on it.

Either I have changed, the situation has changed or I need to be called to task.



Are you running this year? Steve’s not, it seems, so HS needs at least one person with some experience and visibility…


I am. They just announced today so I need to get the application in still but yes, what kind of an election would it be without me?

Still hisec with a very STRONG new player focus.



Sure. If that’s how you want to see it, go right ahead. I’m not interested in wasting time fighting a futile battle.

I’m not throwing a hissyfit, I’m quite legitimately suggesting they just skip the voting nonsense and we just jump straight to want we all know the outcome will be.

That’s rubbish though, because political parties do not have the level of coordination and control that null groups have here. You lot spew out copy-past jasvascript snippets to do the vote for you and spam it across multiple accounts while telling people exactly what list of candidates to vote for. In most places the vote manipulation that takes place in the CSM election would be illegal.

No, but they very much can (and do) bribe, threaten and persuade them to as well as provide them with tools to vote “the right way”.


They should up their game, then, because we’ve got about as much control as a toddler dropped into a ball pit full of puppies.

No, we spew out copy-paste javascript snippets to set up the ballot, because CCP intentionally makes sure the listings are randomized, which is kind of a pain in the butt. IT doesn’t do the actual voting, because guess what! That’s not allowed.

In most places, the ballots are consistent from one voter to the next, and they only allow one vote per person. That’d be wonderful if CCP’d do that, but CCP’s decided ‘nope, you get to vote with all your omega accounts’, so the SP-farmers with (not exaggerating) 4-digit account totals could completely overwhelm things if they wanted to. We work with the system we have, you know?

Wat? Find me someone who’s been bribed or threatened into voting ‘the right way’. As for ‘persuade’… yeah, that’s kind of the point of the campaigning, now isn’t it?

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Just to confirm, I am not running this year.

I hereby state, and mean all that I say, that I an not a candidate for the CSM; that if nominated, I should peremptorily decline; and even if unanimously elected I should decline to serve


You will get my votes. With what’s going on in the age of chaos, you will have your job cut out for you. :smile:

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Also, Brisc wrote a thing for anyone who’s considering running. It’s informative, and comes from someone who’s done the thing in the past.