CSM 14 - All you need to know!


Everyone is welcome to discuss the upcoming CSM 14 elections in this forum thread. Some eager players have already started to put their candidature forward, so even if not yet officially confirmed, you might want to take a moment to read their proposals.

Furthermore, the email address: CSM-contact@ccpgames.com is available to anyone who would like to ask me any questions in a more private setting.


HYPERS, forgot to vote last year, won’t happen this time!



Coolio, I was a little early but I had a feeling that it is around that time of the year.

Given the repeated drama and scandals of the CSM (virtually every year now) maybe it’s time to remove this institution? After all, it was only put in place after the whole CCP T20 thing to act as a pressure valve for an outraged community and over the years it’s just morphed into what is basically a nullsec lobbyist group.

The CSM doesn’t benefit most of the players and it most certainly doesn’t benefit the game since it promotes the continuation of the stale place we have arrived at. Remove it!


Yes Yes Yes The rumors are True!!! i’m running this Time
" Eve is Worldwide, CSM Needs New Blood, VIVA Eve !!!"


That picture is very nice representation of the CSM institution: a trainwreck. Whoever decided to use a wreck for this picture deserves a raise.


Le sigh …

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Elect me and I’ll make low sec habitable again.

Sad to see, CCP is not able to break free of feature discussion under NDA.

Also please stop claiming the election is democratic. It is not, and the claim is an insult to all democrats! The election has the same democratic qualification as any other anonymous beauty contest in the internet.


@CCP_Dopamine the contact email in the application sheet is contact@ccpgames.com which i belive is the old one.

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The email is linked twice and you can just copy-paste it. I did and I was talking to CCP Dopamine just fine earlier.

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It represents the CSM running away from a collapsing station. Ill leave it up to the readers as to what the station represents.

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Everybody, dont forget to vote for @Naari_Naarian.

He has my vote. The amount of content he brings in to this forums is unbelievable. Imagine if he were to be elected to the CSM. He would bring all that content to the game itself!


Joke continues popcorn at a ready.



Personally I see the current structure and methodology of the CSM as more of a glaring sign of ‘what’s wrong at CCP and why they keep making EVE worse instead of better’.

Not disparaging any of the CSM members or CCPs staff, I am sure they are all doing the best they can with what they have access to.

It’s just that it’s basically, IMO, the same as saying “The government of your country has decided that the best way to represent the interests of all the people is to form an advisory committee made up of the tobacco industry, the oil industry, the fast food industry, and the banking sector. We feel confident that in this way the interests of all the people will be represented, and the economy won’t end up wildly distorted at all.”

I also feel that having the most game-breaking alliance consistently form over half of the CSM due to having in effect a majority voting block, is again, unlikely to be good for the overall long term health of the game.


Do you know what would help with that? Look at the non-bloc candidates who are running, and get people to vote for them.

The only way to break the power of a bloc vote, is to dilute it.

And good news! the CSM elections using a Wright STV system, which means if the first candidate you vote for doesn’t get enough votes to survive an elimination round, your entire vote moves to your next candidate (who hasn’t been eliminated) So you don’t even need to agree on the order of votes, as long as you put them all down.


I can confirm that the email is broken or incorrect.
Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: CSM-contact@CCPgames.com (contact@ccpgames.com)

We had this problem last year and still somehow had over 40 candidates…


“So you don’t even need to agree on the order of votes, as long as you put them all down.”

But that would involve the people bitching about the CSM actually bothering to go out and research candidates, pick someone who represents their interests, and go through the voting process.

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Hmmm, considering a run. Though from the sounds of it a High Sec neutral party doesn’t stand a chance :confused: