Vote me for CSM 14

XI’m DisbandTheCSM ForCSM14

Now, you might wonder, what is this guy doing, posting his campaign thread with CSM13 Having only just been elected? I’m doing this in response to the player base’s recent treatment of the CSM elections, as little more than a council to be bought out and taken care of by the Imperium. I guess it’s worth mentioning I also recently re-joined the game having left about 2 years ago, so feel free to just think of me as someone with some old experience wanting to have some change upon my return.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at all, and consider voting for me!

Edit: To CCP devs and Gm’s this is not a troll post, I have full intent on running for csm14


You have my vote and those of my 350 alts.


Got my vote too, best of luck

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