Mike Azariah for CSM 18

OK, this is the TLDR one, the longer form will follow (with details and such)

I am running again for CSM. I have served before on CSMs 8, 9, 10, 15, and 16

I would appreciate your putting me on your ballot.


If you want to know a bit more? Read the next post or ask questions.



long story short - T Swift

I am running for council again. I have served before and would like your votes once more. I do not have a corp/alliance/coalition backing me so I depend upon individual voters making up their minds to vote for me. So why should you vote for me? Read on.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends- emerson lake and palmer

Eve started in 2003 and the CSM 1 in 2008. This is not some new thing by any means. Over the years the CSM has grown, changed, and I have been following it almost right from the beginning as I also started in 2008. I am a bit of institutional memory for what the CSM was and what it has the potential to be, in the future. If you want to look back at
previouscampaign threads about me look here15 and here16

Who are you-the who

So, me. I have, over the years, been in a null war, small gang roams, an industrialist and trader, missioneer, gank target and even been in a gank crew during Burn Jita. Like any long time player . . . we try a lot of things looking for a niche. My niche is the New Player Experience and I have been a regular in Rookie Help Chat for a long time. I drive Operation Magic School Bus and have been a speaker at Fanfest and Eve Vegas. In real life I am a retired teacher (yes, and an old man) and the skills of being able to explain and teach and convince someone to listen DO play a part in working on the CSM.

Back in the saddle again -Aerosmith

See, that is the thing. I am not coming into the CSM with great plans of being a junior game designer. I do not have issues that I plan on pushing through. I am a representative and as such I will represent the player base while serving on the CSM. Oh I do have opinions and filters through which I consider a proposal and if players bring me a reasonable idea I will ask CCP to consider it. So ask questions, find out where I stand on things important to you . . . and do the same with the other candidates.

Still Crazy After All These Years- P. Simon

The CSM has a history of burning out players. Many who serve on the CSM fade away or just disappear from the game. Oh there are a few who seem fire proof such as @Brisc_rubal @Steve_Ronuken but for each one of the long serving incumbents there is a pile of ashes representing others who did not last. Seeing how things are behind the curtain seems to be traumatic, for some. I enjoy it, perhaps this is my niche.

The Race-Yello

So, as I said, part of this is up to you. I am sure some of the larger groups will have their ‘approved ballot’ and many pilots will just vote the party line. But for the rest of you it comes down to choosing someone who will be a rep for you, perhaps even talk to you. I do that, I have posted vids and updates and helped keep players in the loop in regards to the CSM and the game in general. I am not a streamer but I have streamed, I am not a youtuber but I do have a channel, what I have been (and hope to be, again) is your connection to the CSM and then on to CCP.

In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company- Dead South

A lot of good candidates to choose from, this year. I hope you utilize all 10 of your votes and build a team worthy of the office. Not choosing from the selection of Null sec but from the skills and viewpoints the candidates have. Look for a diversity of skills, expertise, and abilities. Look for candidates that communicate well, with you and with CCP. There is a new election form this year in that we will elect 10 seats but then CCP will pick 2 more . . . for a total of 12 on the council.

Thank you- Led Zeppelin

If you made it this far? Thank you. If you vote for me, thank you again.


Oh and the songs I used for titles? I made a spotify playlist . . .


No brainer, vote mike


I have already decided on my votes, but I still have your “Magick Merline 2.0” somewhere I got from you last year :slight_smile: And I donated some ISK to your fund recently - godspeed, while I sadly don’t have a vote to give anymore (too many good candidates tbh), I fully support your candidacy and much respect for all the effort you put into welcoming new players into the game. It truly makes a difference.

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i agree, this man has done a lot for the game and players over the years he played. experience on the CSM and a very new bro friendly community leader. Vote for Mike

I read about the Operation Magic School Bus before I decided to try this game. I really like it so will be Omega soon, which means I’ll be voting for you. Your dedication to the players is evident.
Plus, I love good teachers who know how to inspire their pupils. We need more of those.

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got my vote, glad to see you running again

Here is Mike’s interview in the Dam


Thank you, I had fun doing that interview and failed to warn you that my tech gremlins go after anything, including other participants mics. My apologies.



No problem!
With the voice-over, it’s barely noticeable :stuck_out_tongue:

You Mike\o/ have my first vote, the other candidates that we can vote in order will be going towards how ever Princess places on the blog like last year.

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Baaa (humbug)


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Good to see you run for CSM again. A strong candidate with a good history. Certainly worth putting on your ballet.

Best of luck with your run!

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if we can choose 1 CSM candidate to be made permanent. That would be you Mike


You will be the first vote on my ballot!

I noticed that princess had already started putting a list together. Just a few more names along with the placements.

Referring to the candidates who are sending isk.

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Aiko Danuja
Apr '21
As always, I will vote for Mike, but only at the bottom of my list.

Probably because I do not believe in miners permits not do I pay for such.



You have my vote

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@Mike_Azariah I do have a concern that has been raised by some old guards.

Many old guard players think the new NPE meta, is kind of causing a much faster burn out rate and confusion among new players coming into the game.

It was mentioned to me that the old meta was to mine while learning skills, IE mining resources to build your first ship to use for a mission or some other activity.

The current meta is more gun mining and PVP oriented, instead of letting players figure out the more basic activities of EVE Online that are the backbone. Exploration, Mining, and Salvage. [Sadly not enough activities in this realm…that are not lethally deadly. Looks at Pochven.]