Mike Azariah for CSM 14

(Mike Azariah) #1

Yes I am running again. For those of you somewhat new to this sort of thing? I served on CSM’s 8, 9, and 10

I still represent the people who tend not to vote, the new players and hisec carebears. I still think ganking is a thing that should stay and that the wardec changes have been good, so far.

I have a rep for saying what I think and doin what I say I will do . . . even if I am a spaceship politician. Ask around, see who I am or ask below any questions you might have for me.

Bio type stuff? I am a retired teacher and I . . . oh you mean in game. I have played since 2008, served on 3 CSM’s (as mentioned above). I run Operation Magic School Bus in game helping out new pilots and am a regular in the Rookie Help Chat. You will find posts of what I think all over these forums. I am on twitter a lot @mikeazariah .

I like Eve. I enjoy helping out where I can and am offering to represent the average players (whatever the hell that means) on the council. I am not a member of any corp, alliance, coalition. I play a game and want to see it keep getting better. If you agree that I can help do that then put me on your ballot.

Any questions? Endorsements? Curses?


(Mike Azariah) #2

reserved just in case I need to say more

(Wanda Fayne) #3

All aboard!

Needs a magic schoolbus skin… :grin:

(Nunosh) #4

Good luck, hope you also get elected :slight_smile: you have my votes

(Annisir Kaugan) #5

You got mine too Mike. You do a lot for the newbies.

(Solecist Project) #6

YES! \:D/

(Leah Crowleymass) #7

Awesome, Mike! Really happy to see you coming back for more- you’ve definitely got a spot on my ballot.

(Buoytender Bob) #8

Sounds great!!

You planning of taking the lead in regards to communication/discussion with the EVE community? I know it is actually CCP’s job to be community lead, but lately they have been dropping the ball and Brisc at least kept the lines of communications open.

(Mike Azariah) #9

I am always someone who like to talk with the players. I stand by my past record in that regard.

Hell, most times the trick is to get me to stop asking questions.


(Omnathious Deninard) #10

You will have my vote.

(Penance Toralen) #11

A real reason to subscribe.

Are you sure you want to do this? I am seriously asking, because the CSM has a rep for burning folks out.

Other than that, I’ll spare you the tough asks and just say “welcome back”.

(Mike Azariah) #12

While I may not be made of the same grade of asbestos as Steve Ronuken I think I can safely say that they will burn out before I do.

So the question becomes can CCP handle me back in the council.


(Xuxe Xu) #13

Wait - you mean they’ll actually let you back into Iceland now?..er…I mean…Cool! You’ve got my votes!

(Black Pedro) #14

Huh, CSM election time is here again. Ok, let’s start with the questions then:

Given that you were an integral part of arguably two of the most contentious, divisive, and ineffectual councils in Eve’s history, what lessons did you learn from those ■■■■-shows that you can bring to CSM 14? Could you share a few things you will do differently if you are elected, or have some wisdom you could share with other successful candidates on how to avoid falling into a dysfunctional CSM?

Also, I’m sure the CSM culture and processes have evolved and changed since you previous time. At least from your current view on the outside, is there anything you think was done better back in the day that you would suggest to CCP or the CSM to go back to?

And finally, looking forward, beyond the obvious of improving how we effectively integrate (and keep) new players, where do you think CCP should be focusing their game development resources to make the game better?Maybe, more specifically, what do you think is the biggest (or most common) problem with the actual game play as it is experienced by mid- and long-term players? And why do you think people leave?

(Mike Azariah) #15

Ok, some real questions. Let’s take them a bit at a time.

Some folks come into CSM and they still owe their allegiances to their ‘homes’ Whether that is a corp, an alliance, or a coalition, or even just a sector of space. They try to serve that group before the game itself. Note that I am NOT pointing fingers at anyone specificly with this but the history of organizations working their metagame ■■■■■■■■ within the CSM has brought far more distrust and, what was your word? . . . divisive, councils. It is like an roam with some of the public fleets. You leave in game politics at the door if you want to do what we all want done.

Now I do not know all the latest ways they have of doing things so it is hard to know what is still used and what has been left at the wayside. One thing we did early on was ‘summer homework’ An idea was floated and we wrote proposals based on it. We were very proud of the speed of the turnaround and the independent thought that came of individual projects. The other thing I KNOW isn’t done anymore is the publishing of the agenda BEFORE the summits. This game some hints to the main population but it also was a call to action for players to contact their reps and ask things like “where is lowsec on the agenda” or 'if you are talking rebalance get then to buff x and nerf z" Some players LIKED knowing what the general topics were going to be before the summit met.

Hell, if I could answer that fully I would not run for CSM but apply for a job WITH CCP. I am sure folks leave for a huge variety of reasons. With a game this old, some just get bored and quit, others have changes in their lives, married, kids, jobs started or lost, etc. I would love to see the latest exit poll results if CCP still collects those. We need something that decreases the churn we have of new players barely trying before quitting. But we also need some new way for players to make a mark in the game, to be able to do new things and not just wander along the trails we have already trod a thousand times.

/me sighs

I am not sure that all the effort spent on null has been worth it. It just seems to kick into Malcanis law and further entrench the powers that bee leaving the rest to fight for scraps on the periphery. Sometimes I think the answer is in Lowsec, othertimes I look to tourney play. CSM reps are not Devs, those that think they are . . . should not be elected. We are a sounding board, an advisory council, and now and then a mouthpiece for the great unwashed masses.

I don’t have all the answers. What I have is a willingness to work towards them

Thanks for the questions, they were good ones.


(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #16

Jolly good old bean, glad to know you are running.


(addelee) #17

I’d vote for Mike.
Above all what you want in a CSM member is someone who can stop, listen and communicate and he appears to have all of these skills!

(commander aze) #18

Great to see you running, hope you make it on!

(BalticBeast14) #19

You’re one of my top choices. I’ll vote for you.

For me, Mike represents the variety, which current CSM lacks so much.
He’s wise, thoughtful, respectful and mature.
He has experience and long term proven record in EVE. Mike engages with the community on regular basis. He also engages in rookie chat to actually help new players. He cares.

Many more could be written here, but it would be too long. I’m glad that you run in this year.

(Katia Sae) #20

First choice confirmed! :slight_smile: