Okay space-citizens! Time to exercise your franchise and monopolize the vote!

I have just registered my vote, at:
Vote CSM 2019

The voting process is explained here:
CSM: How to Vote

Your vote is MOST effective if you limit it to 3-4 candidates, as discussed in this thread:
CSM Voting Paradox

As a (mostly) high sec player, who feels that Null Sec has been way too favored for the past 5+ years, and that NullSec alliances dominate the CSM in a way which is harmful to the game as a whole, I encourage people to vote for:

Olmeca Gold -> Mike Azariah -> ExookiZ -> Steve Ronuken

Olmeca Gold is an amazing content creator for EVE, fighting the good fight against bots, farmers and boring stuffy people everywhere! (Check this amazing video/thread!)
The Whaler: An EVE Documentary

Mike Azariah has tirelessly labored for years, bringing joy and a warm welcome to new players across High Sec with his Operation Magic School Bus:
Mike Azariah for CSM 14

ExookiZ is an excellent organizer and coordinator of EVE activity, both in-game and out! He is very experienced in many of the most interesting aspects of EVE and also on working with CCP to make improvements.
ExookiZ for CSM 14!

Steve Ronuken is a well-known 3rd party developer and author of the super helpful website (among other things). He brings the viewpoint of those who develop the tools we all use to play EVE better, as well as that of the mining/production/ missioning type players. Steve is a great candidate to represent a broad variety of EVE interests!
Steve Ronuken for CSM 14

So get that account subbed and VOTE! Buy that Plex and VOTE!

As a side note, to make Plexing easier, I have spent the past 2 weeks popping into stations all over high sec and listing packets of 200/300/400 Plex at 20-40,000 below market price. I wait until about 2,000 other Plex get relisted to beat my price, then I drop it again. In the 2 weeks I have been doing this, Plex prices in most areas of high sec have dropped over 10%!


Well, yeah, probably. But I like to think I have added somewhat to the momentum of the downward trend. However, Plex prices are about to start rising again! (At least for the short term) So buy those Plex now and VOTE!.


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I liked the propaganda vid of omelca So I give him my vote. I undesttand he wants to change things in NS WRT anoms, power spreading, so I guess this is what I think is missing in Eve.

However I would like to give my vote to someone from wh who uses wh as a base to attack NS and also lives in wh (those are two very different things) , as well as a HS representative. Who could belong to those two criterions ? Is there a site that allow me to findout who the guys are, if they already took part in CSM and if they actually did something ? Do we even have a way to check the effect of the representatives( besides CSM minutes) ?

Where is brisc ?

Try the link I put under ExookiZ’ paragraph. The WH angle is actually why I tossed him in there, along with his organizing abilities. I haven’t looked too much for other WH-attacking-Null candidates so maybe someone else can help with a good recommendation there.

Edit: Shipwreck Jones posted a link in the Dev thread purporting to give a quick overview of candidates, maybe check that. Quick Candidate Overview links

CSM should be abolished.


Wow, looks like my choices are either null block bot farmers or highsec carebears. This game is truly ■■■■■■

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Unfortunately, I got started too late, and so I’m not finished. I will be working on it throughout the day, however, and frequently updating it.

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This. Also, voting in a videogame :rofl:

I like how people use their alts to make propaganda threads for themselves

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■■■■ CSMs

I will only vote for Pedro, so if Pedro is not here, I must leave now… That is all.

Vote for Olmeca. He is the coolest dude and does the best stuff all the time!

For Sale 7 votes :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted.


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Stealth upgrade to Omega thread?

A very well explained topic.

Specified candidates represents the in game interests of H-Sec and none Bloc dwellers and are the ones which have the highest chance to get ellected as a none Alliance representative.

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CCP is giving away 2 weeks of Omega to Twitch Prime members - that’s long enough to vote.

Last year it took 2657 votes to guarantee a seat on the council. Null blocs win because players elsewhere don’t bother to vote.

When you vote, select at least 6 candidates in your order of preference. Positions on the council have been decided by a small number of votes.

If you choose not to vote - don’t complain about the result!


Ahhh, very convenient of them to do that during CSM elections.

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Voting with my wallet still, but plexed for the CSM thing. Agreed that CSM concept/process should be revamped, until it does might as well get something non-Null in there.

My votes are locked in. May the best candidate win!

(As long as they’re the ones I voted for.)


I have finished my candidate cheat sheet . Yes, I know I’m late.

I tried to get to the heart of the candidates campaigns in order help players make informed voting decisions without having to read through walls of text or listen to 30 minute interviews. I did include subjective opinions, but tried not to misrepresent candidates. I also glossed over the null-bloc candidates, instead choosing to focus my research efforts on everyone else.

I do take this seriously, and intend to do even better in the following years. My goals are to:

  1. Get Started Earlier
  2. Budget More Time
  3. Send out Candidate Questionnaires
  4. Communicate with various player groups in order to report on their endorsements, sentiments, and support

I welcome feedback.

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