My Anti-NullSec Voting Agenda

I spent a little more time following CSM issues last year, unfortunately this year RL got realer and time is limited.

Last year a few of us pushed for some “non NullSec CSM” members, and lo and behold, a few of them got in.

Realistically, we all know that in one form or another, NullSec-focused candidates are going to make up 2/3 or more of the CSM. It’s inherent in the way CCP pushes the game design, and in the way they’ve designed the CSM voting process. They can call it ‘democratic’ and ‘fair’ all they want, but when your game design says ‘Rich people live in these neighbourhoods’, and ‘Rich people get more votes’, you can be pretty sure that most of the voting is going to be for ‘Rich peoples interests’.

To get anyone elected from outside null takes a certain amount of focus. So far this year I’ve eyeballed on my super-fast candidate survey:

  • Brisc Rubal : Because if CCP tried hard to get rid of him, and he came back fighting, that’s good enough for me.
  • Mike Azariah : Because I’ve seen no one else so consistently focused on helping new players.
  • Meredith en Thielles and Pandora Singularity : they may not have a bloc vote behind them, but I think their focus is in the proper direction (improving the social environment of EVE to be more attractive and engaging)

Please give them some consideration for your vote. Focused attention on a few candidates is the only way to get CSM members whose primary focus isn’t Null Sec.


I voted this year after a hiatus due to seeing null blocks being elected year after year. To be honest I don’t expect it to change.

Please move this crap to the CSM forum.

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It’s funny how long toxic, divisive, or against-forum-rules oriented threads can remain up in General.

But post an “Anti-Nullsec voting” thread and it’s gone in barely 15 minutes.

It’s good to have friends in the right places, I guess!


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:red_circle: you talk about non null sec votes and the first suggestion is Brisc? Seriously? The most phony, slimey, incompetent fool of CFC. A person that does nothing but posting misleading spam and cringworthy posts.

And Meredith is another nullsec candidate that will receive more than enough votes from panfam as it is.

Pandora is some weirdo from Delve that just appeases to CFC.

Mike is the only non null sec suggestion…

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It’s adorable that you think a handful of voters on the forums had any impact here compared to the organized nullblocs.

I think Brisc is qualified for a number of reasons, but if you want to pin your hat on that ONE single instance and nothing else, you should really reconsider what your priorities are, lmao.

I guess this means I’m only #2 on your ballot.

It’s odd how when you vote on one account, and then re-log on to the next account to vote, it saves all your voting choices and pre-loads them for you.

Has it always done this? I didn’t notice it in previous years.

It’s almost like CCP felt they were making it too hard for the nullbloc multiboxers to pad the voting, and needed to make it even easier for them.

Seems like they made it easier for you then!

As a nullbloc player I didn’t notice this, as I only have one Omega account active.

Yeah, it’s been that way for a while.

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