CSM with no null block representation

Has there been one?

And if yes, when was the last time?

Im just going to be that person, just so no one less pleasant says it, its Bloc, not block. They’re different things.

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I’m going to be that person to the next level.

It’s I’m.

It’s it’s.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



You know, while Ive had that game played before I think you are the first person to note my distaste for apostraphes.

Good on ya

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Thank god mother proofreads all of my posts before they go out. I wouldn’t want Peen to tear me a new one if I were to make a mistake like that.

So soon? :roll_eyes:

I’m in.

Why would I want to exclude such a large group of players? Especially since they have some/most (?) of the most experienced players?

:salt: :popcorn: Havent got to use those in a while! :wink:

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deapostrophication should be high on the agenda of the next fully non-nullsec csm :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think so. The CSM was born out of a controversial situation involving at least one nullsec entity, if I have my stories right. Moreover, many nullsec players have hisec pilots and vice versa.


I haven’t checked in a while but it used to be you couldn’t go into pretty much any sys and shake the tree and not have a Goon or 2 fall out.

Yep. Its a bash op, someone really didn’t want that stucture so not even a fight to look forward to. Hi sec char presses f1 in missions. Main presses f1 to bash something. The former at least makes money.

And well, yeah, neut hauling.

I’m no fan of the CSM and certainly not a fan of null blocks but asking for zero null block representation is just utter silliness, it’s nothing but “I want a democracy but not with those people”: that’s not how that works.


Possibly the very first one, before the null bloc’s figured out that they needed to own it.

Like it or not Null leadership are by far the most dedicated players to eve online. The time & effort required to organise that many f1 monkeys is stagerring.

Having a an alliance CSM is just part of the reward.

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You aren’t kidding, it’s definitely a chore and I certainly wouldn’t want it, I got a job and don’t want 2.

Hate to be that guy but…


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+10 points to griffendoor

Said humpledpink

Ohno said Harry, Ramona has started talking like Billy

Hermyone is rite sed Ron.

Quick to the medical tin they ran



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I would like to see one person elected (by force) during their first week of playing Eve.
If they don’t make it last their second week they should be replaced by someone else who’s in their first week. This would make it so there is at least one person in the placebo who doesn’t know how to act like something other than a placebo.

It’s weingardium apostroooophy, not apostropheeee, Ermioony said



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