Csm 13 - ssdd


should call this one cMS-13

Just the same in-game gangs keeping the status-quo.


Well, right now it’s the GSM. So much potential for constructive criticism in this tenure, as you can shoot down any suggestion from the GSM as biased, partisan and definitely not aimed at making EVE better. :smile:


Yes, because GSF’s diabolical plan is to Boson themselves in the foot really damn hard by screwing up Eve. You may not agree with every proposal but to claim that they’re not aimed at making eve better is letting the tinfoil show a little.


I imagine they will be opposed to any nerfs to mining and ratting, since Delve tops the MER each month in these categories :wink:

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Seems your sodium intake might be high buddy

I said “not good for EVE”. What that means is that they will press for things that are beneficial to them, not the rest of the cluster. That’s a big difference to your kneejerk reaction.

Just calling my reaction ‘kneejerk’ doesn’t magically make it so. We see a lot of your kind of reaction to our efforts, what you’re saying isn’t anything new or shocking to us, but it does need to be countered.

Our CSM representatives are fully aware that without a thriving ecosystem around us our own little spaceguild runs into problems and as such are genuinely focused on eve as a whole rather than selfishly grabbing what we can for ourselves (such an attitude would be easily deflected by CCP anyway and would be pretty counterproductive).

The reason that we have 5 csm reps and other people don’t is the same reason that we dominate the MER: We put the damn effort in to constructing a coherent voting platform, getting that platform well known and encouraging our members to actually vote. Calls for the delegitimisation of the CSM as I have seen in other threads here and elsewhere are essentially sour grapes from the ill organised and lazy.


Not ill-organized. It’s from people who want fun and enjoyment and not monolithic huge blocks that have nothing better to do than to solidify their status and crush the rest of EVE under their weight. Groups as large as yours are the utmost detriment to EVE.

But don’t worry: CCP loves these big groups after all more than smaller sizes because only those big groups provide the material for their deceptive marketing based on lies and distortion. Hence, you fit right into this and the current composition of the CSM is the perfect reflection of this attitude.


Oh look another thread where pubbies cry about the result of their apathy. You asked for this.

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“Pubbies” ? Who they; please explain (it’s a new one on me).

So anybody who is an outsider to goons or the imperium is seen as a pubbie. It’s a disparaging term for outsider groups. My sentiment is one that rings bitter and true. Goons vote, pubbies cry about how they don’t have representation.

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Rings true. Thanks for reply.

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