Build new star gates around Niarja

Where the hell is our vaunted CSM? Are they just giggling and promoting the Null Security power blocks. CCP did the blackout in null and there was a massive revolt by Null Security players. (I actually agreed with them. The blackout interfered with their game play. I respected that!) I read forum post after forum post that basically said; I am done! I am unsubscribing ! I supported them. What did CCP do keep players from unsubscribing? They changed the story. Suddenly concord or whatever was able to restore local communications. To the best of my knowledge many pilots returned. The power of real life CASH!

Now suddenly High Security players who like me simply cannot live the NULL/WORMHOLE life style are basically being told HTFU!! Screw your play style! Well internet tough guys I work a real job. I was more than happy to spend 40 bucks a month to mine my little dumbass ore. I finally get a week off work and guess what! Bend over! I can’t do my missions and run crap to JITA reasonably! ( I can wipe out belts of ORE and yes I enjoyed it! It is what I did in New Eden! ) NULL/WORMHOLE style of play is non starter for me and for my three omega accounts. I experienced that lifestyle. However I am unable to log on for 5 to 7 days because of REAL LIFE and REAL WORK responsibilities ! I would log on and find the alliance have shifted or the wormhole POS sacked! So that is why I stay in HS. Amarr HS! I logged on for the first time in 9 days and SURPRISE!!! Now my stuff in HS can be lost ! In the pastI have been ganked and crushed and I said eh that life. But this ends my play style. This ends my enjoyment of EVE ONLINE.

Now with AMARR space effectually becoming a island. This will cause an over population in the other three empire spaces. Resources will exhaust. Players will be forced to buy PLEX to keep playing. GASP shock and befuddlement at this revelation of the real reason this was allowed to happen! This is a variation of the classic PAY TO WIN dream! Please! Let us not lie about who buying PLEX helps the most. The CSM NULL SECURITY power blocks.

I say no this! With a heavy heart I cancelled my three accounts! I will be out until a new route is created. I just hope my NPC station is not randomly selected to be BENT OVER!! Logically just like if a bridge was washed out. A new one would be built. Maybe the CSM should lead the charge to have this BRIDGE built. This is what CITIZENS of NEW EDEN need the most! Again help us CSM!! But, I won t hold my breath!




We need another .5 choke point, but make it a little longer if you go through it instead. Say 13 jumps from amarr-jita if you dont go through niarja for balance.

This, from reddit, was very good:



Yeah of course, spend dev time putting down useless new gates when all you need to do is… work together to clear out the Trigs from Niarja?

Sometimes, I don’t get people.

You can’t - there is no mechanism to do so once a system has been conquered.

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!


You can camp gates and provide safe passage. Oh, wait…

You can’t because null krabs came for free kills

it is not cut off…

You can still get there, it just means a few more jumps.


Do you know a way to change Uedamas red start towards blue?
I would open a bottle Champaign if that is made possible… :wink:

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No. thats why its so â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  stupid.

Such tears. Much wow.


The players chose this result.


Try to calm down miner.

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He is right, and there is more people like him. All you who disagree with him have been brainwashed by CCP to think its actually fun to be constantly asaulted by devs and managers making stupid gamebreaking decisions.

Nobody is keeping anyone here.


Exactly! When will people understand they can vote with their wallets?

Maybe it’s time to quit, instead of this incessant moaning.




And no one is even sure if its permanent yet. Talk about a knee jerk reaction.

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Dazh Liminality Progresses…

Glorification awaits all those who stand with their brothers and sisters, in the Convocation.

We will break the shackles of Concord, and their empire subordinates.


I just went through niarja with a capsule, no problems :slight_smile:


Another post made by salty edencome player because TEST didn’t save them.

Let me post how much of mental state is edencome right now after the fall of Niarja