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Just stop.


just don’t comment if you can’t contribute something

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we don’t need more spam about the exact same garbage and fearmongering

I know this posts but the title are for cry bears and I don’t like cry bears!

I will now give my first opinion and not a salty comment. If ccp do this nerf one of the beneficiaries is the Peremeter tower. Maybe a few keepstars will be built there at peremeter.

I was basing my contribution level to match your OP by simply posting someone elses’ youtube video with a clickbait title.

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ok. I now removed the yt vid.

Ok so now you have a clickbait title and clickbait half assed description.

There are already plenty of threads about this.
There are plenty of pants on fire threads about this.

Did you even watch the actual CCP video? They weren’t talking about any actual plans. CCP Hilmar has wanted as much of EVE to be player driven since FOREVER. Nothing new here.

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Let see what others opinion on this. CCP made a lot of Nerf in 2020. They are now serious on Nerfing things.

On what? Your mischaracterization of the fireside chat?

This is why the world has gotten dumber since the advent of the internet. People take one snippet out of context and it spreads like wildfire.

Either you are too lazy to open a conversation with the full information in context or you’re trolling.

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This vloggers are CCP partners. Now, if others will want to clear this news it will be good. You can’t blame others on taking things out of context because of what CCP has done in 2020.

Sure I can when the original video is up for all to see. At least the first person to post this in general chat actually posted the original video. That way it could be viewed and seen for the nothing new here news that it is.


The vloggers are ‘partners’ only in the sense that CCP supports free ‘independent’ advertising of EVE through player discussion of events.

They are not affiliated with CCP as a business, nor are they privy to additional information. Everything they say is speculation - watch the Fireside Chat video yourself and draw your own conclusions rather than relying upon the interpretations of players who have their own agendas in how they choose to report upon CCP’s statements.

Also: this kind of BS is why CCP has rules against rumor mongering.

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Hilmar also once mentioned implementing permadeath in Eve. So, just because Hilmar says it, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Regardless, I personally think NPC industry should remain because:

  • Removing it would increase the barrier for entry for new industrialists
  • NPC Station Industry isn’t as unassailable as Hilmar would suggest, as industrialists usually have to haul large quantities of production materials and consumer products around (and BPO’s, albeit to a much lesser extent). For example, I’ve always had to haul vast quantities of ■■■■ around because I never sold out of a station that had research and invention slots. Moreover, I sold out of multiple stations, and needed to make regular runs to Jita in order to get sufficient quantities of certain production materials.
  • Upwell structures can offer some powerful bonuses over NPC stations, and can be placed almost anywhere. Thus, having these two options allow players to chose between greater safety (but not complete safety) and greater efficiency.

Also, I don’t think you’re doing a very good job arguing for you position. You should probably stop.

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EVE was going to have atmospheric flight on planets.
EVE was going to have walking in stations (not just the CQ).
EVE was going to have Legion as a PC replacement for Dust 514.
EVE was going to have … [insert an endless stream of broken promises and features never implemented]

Believing anything CCP says has been a train wreck of disappointment since 2003.

So until something is actually in the game, it isn’t worth worrying about. Just enjoy the game as is and adapt to the changes that do occur.


Is this one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” suggestions?


Well. We all share this same curse so no one should play innocent :wink: In this communication platform we all disagree 90% of the time.

Um no. None of us created a thread based off misleading information. That’s all you.

I’m not just talking about this thread. All of the thread in this website are just disagreement 90% of the time.