Gankers destroying EVE, CCP needs to step in

We see the reorganizing of modules new modules introduced to industry ships. It only serves to make industry harder and cause more pain to people when they get ganked. And ganking got out of hand especially now right before Christmas. Really, people have been ganking and burning anything and very thing in Uedama for the past few days. Even empty freighters, without any scruples. Some of them have clearly something wrong as they even go so far as to actively grief and torture their victims after the destruction.
CCP introduced the industry module that can be fitted to the orca. It has the same icon as the bastion module for marauders. Why not give it a big resist buff like for marauders? CCP should introduce that function to it and also give freighters a high-slot and allow them to fit an industrial module. So it can be activated when the hyenas arrive. It would at least give honest industrialist, which are the very back-bone of EVE and have been so for almost 20 years, a fighting chance. Because as it stands it is just a blood-bath whenever gankers want to do so. It is just a slap in the face of players that love the game and have been loyal to it for years.

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Is this purely theoretical or can you link the killmail that inspired this thread?

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Anyone want to give me odds on a lock before 100 posts?

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Twenty five posts if you are in here this early in the thread.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Pretty sure we can get beyond 25 before the mods notice.

You can always post some blatant misunderstanding of PvP related game mechanics so we can start a discussion on that. Might even be on topic.


I’ll give you 2-1 on 50 million ISK, and I’ll even throw in an unhinged rant about casual FarmVille filth descending upon EVE like freshly-hatched locusts, but you have to not make any more replies until the post quota is up.

Edit: damn, you almost made some good cash.

Poor odds.

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