Something has to be done about harrasment from gankers

in all honesty here Gankers have ruined any joy in the game for me, we Players cant progress (im not soley the only one…) who cant get past a certain point and reach our goals.

first reason- we get our t2 battleship for HIGH-SECURITY mission running. we dont make it 2 jumps before a couple billion isk down the drain, a tech 2 fitted vargur for example is more of a prime target then a shuttle full of plex nowadays.

Something has to be done about it, a way to opt out of the pvp from people who literaly have caused irl deaths of friends. i’ve lost 2 already due to constant ganker harrassment, that lead to other kinds of harrassment.
i know risk is everywhere but still there has to be a way to change this, after the covid crisis people are fragile now, they have already lost so much in their lives and need an escape.

Eve was mine.

For some people this game is a way to escape the daily abuse in their own personal lives. now gankers have made it their mission to ruin these lives ingame now too and to a degree of harrassment that should be stopped. period.
they threaten us, we cuss them back, were the ones repremanded…
so yeah ccp change some things before everyone else who was targeted/harrassed does do something stupid like press legal charges on lets say a irl corperation who didn’t help their fanbase/followers/people who actually spend money on the game.

im not saying i dont want pvp, ill do it every now and then. its just like the gun safety systems green yellow and red. there should be a thing thats toggleable like wardecks… certain requirements must be met before they can be wardecked. just do the same with highsec, to a degree atleast ._.

Krysta Martin, former member of CODE. and ganker:

These ganker alt threads are pointless. Just another useless ■■■■■■■■ thread.


Instigators of trouble because they have nothing better to do in their lives. Toxic trolls whose only interests in life is to bug people because they got a bug up theirs, like that toxic fool whose name starts with a ‘G’ for gynecology.

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used to gank USED TO. and this char was only one i COULD log onto forums. couldn’t find the log on via steam ._.

and i only joined because i thought it was freakin profit, no its just to line their corp wallet. i was in it for me >_>

Hjottaldin Todako | Character | zKillboard the character i now use… and if you seen i haven’t ganked in some time

Ganking is lulz and profit, it’s PvP, it’s part of the game.

Line it with what, wallpaper?

Why would you run hisec missions with t2 battleships?

Bling bling bling bingo!

What do suggest?

Stay docked and play Project Discovery then.

If someone is so disturbed by the loss of pixels - that they do not own - then they have much bigger problems than losing a battlship… assuming what you say it true, which I’ll believe once I see a police report.

Yes, stay docked.

Itsnot the “COVID crisis” that weaken people, it’s the idiotic sanctions against Russia that weaken people.

… and they’re going to lose even more, better get used to it.

Go hiking, it’s good for the overall health.

What daily abuse ??

Gankers have made it their mission to play the game as they please as long as they respect the rules, which they do 'cause EVE has very few rules.

Proof needed.

if they curse at you, which I seriously doubt, don’t reply to them.

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and your an overall dick. >> and if your going to Break down everything i have to say then you can stay the hell off this post >>

Not against any law I know of, but then now it’s you who are insulting others, so permit me to doubt that the gankers insult you first.

Too bad, this isn’t your post, just like those battleships weren’t yours in the first place, never have been.

which battleships Hm???

These battleships:

i sudjest you check your mail >_> before you assume it wasn’t mine.

I don’t assume.
CCP says everything in the game is owned by CCP, everything including your precious little ships.

and i really dont give a crap. i made the isk and paid for it. REGARDLESS

Then continue in your delusion and have a nice day.

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I really miss the days of defending the highsec ice fields from the swarms of bot aspirants. Ganking has gotten so post-modernist and meta now that i don’t know even know who the bad guys are. Is this actually a “grr gankers evil” thread? Or is it a “let’s troll the stupid anti gankers” thread.

I miss the old days.


no its an older player who did ganking at one point thinking it’d line his pocket then found out the hard way thats not how it works. ._. haven’t ganked since 2019…

Why would somebody choose to go from playing a fun emergent gameplay to grinding isk alone?

Actually no, the more important question is how could a ganker not know how to defend themselves from ganking?

You should post your lossmail. I bet you did something stupid and want to blame game mechanics, rather than accepting responsibility for yourself.


This is a terrible topic to “make jokes” or “exaggerate” about.

EDIT: You should have supported your friends with the Broadcast For Reps program.