Should life be harder for gankers?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Dont know
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Yet another thread about ganking from someone who has never actually been ganked.


Yet another little kitty smacking at the forum catnip.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Dchill is Dreg APC.


2 likes for doxing me? I must have made an impression

I voted yes because ganker salt is better than carebear tears.



What should i do now? Should i create a new character for the forum? I think i will just leave. But for the record i for one dont like ganker salt or carebear tears. Bye

The question is a foregone conclusion as stated, and therefore relatively useless. There are more potential gankees in the game than gankers, so you’re just going to get an echo-chamber of the OP’s bias.

If you just want another in an endless line of “gankers like ganking, gankees don’t” circle-jerks, then feel free to pose dumb questions. If you want a better or more useful debate, ask a better question.

Better questions re: ganking:

  • Is ganking important or necessary for EVE? What does it add to the game?
  • Are there better/more interesting/more attractive ways to achieve the same results/goals?
  • Does ganking have positive or negative impact on player numbers and player paying?
  • What ways can the ganking ecosystem be improved or replaced?
  • How can players be better prepared for the reality of ganking than the current start-up process?

or, and hear me out, the update making it so alphas cant go safety red in highsec? just make that across the board for all account types not just alpha. problem solved. Gankers can go cry in a hole while trying to figure out actual pvp or they will find something else to do that doesnt involve online bullying because they cant feel good about themselves lol

There has to be a smarter way to deal with ganking than simply banning it even tho the effect is the same. If it can be dealt with intelligently then alphas can get their red safety back in high sec?

But this idea just popped into my head. What if every ship had to fly with green safety but pirate ships do not have the safety system??? That would be stupid because then pirate ships would just be banned in highsec

Manus is also Dreg APC = Daim Is = Wesfarhn

OP do you ask if they should drain their pods dry of hydrostatic fluid? That would be harsh …and lethal

And Souisa, plazid & Rtsu

That’s a really broad blanket statement. In what way should life be harder for the ganker?

What specifically do you have in mind. Only with the details, and additional information to think about any unintended consequences will I be able to answer.


Define hard in this context please.


I don’t think you know what doxing is.


Good chance that with whatever he comes up with, it’s already that way or worse and he just doesn’t have a clue how the game works


I got fired from my job. I came home early with some flowers to break the bad news to my wife, only to find her sleeping with the UPS delivery driver. She served me divorce papers that very evening. The court gave her almost everything, because I was found “at fault” for not making time for marital obligations since I worked 12 hours a day in order to enable her to be a stay-at-home mother to my children. I had to sell all the bitcoins (that I bought at $50k) for $20k in order to pay for the settlement and alimony, a year before it went back up to $50k. Now my kids refuse to talk to me because I had to buy much cheaper birthday presents this time because I’m broke. The doctor called to tell me that I need to come in for more tests because “he’s not sure, but it might be something,” and I have to put it all on my credit card because I lost my health insurance and my new, lesser-paying job doesn’t offer any. Last weekend I tried to relax and decompress, and took my dog, my last and only friend, to a nice day at the park. I threw the ball, and called for him to fetch. He grabbed it, stood still and looked at me for a few seconds, and then chose instead to turn around and run toward the street, directly into the oncoming traffic that he clearly saw.

Isn’t this enough? How much harder do you want life for gankers to become?


Something along the lines of Papillon meets Ivan Denisovich, maybe. I mean, ganking 2 pence worth of Venture clearly deserves at least 37 years on Devil’s Island.

While we’re at it…I think en passant in chess should be a capital felony.

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