Why I dislike gankers and people opposed to ganking

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff about ganking, which makes sense because it’s such a serious topic, but I’m also seeing that it’s devolved into a bunch of primates throwing ■■■■ at each other. Seriously, why all this salt from both sides? I’m genuinely curious.


Do you really want to know?

Yeah, I do. I understand it coming from the gankers, they’ve generally been the salty ones, but not the anti-gankers

They think they wont be forgiven for their actions. But if you are ganker and you read this. I for one forgive you. In fact anyone who has tried to harm me. I forgive you. Have a nice day.


What would you expect from an emotionally driven profit/loss situation where each side prefers a diametrically opposite outcome? Gankers are worried that CCP will listen to the carebears and take their toys away, and carebears are worried that CCP will listen to the gankers and help smash their toys. The actual facts get washed away in the predictable rhetoric, pretty much like a Repubs vs. Dems debate.

And CCP has fueled both sides over time, because it’s better for them if players argue with each other rather than rail against CCP.


I guess that makes a lot of sense. It’s also really funny to see this argument as someone who’s accepted that I’ll be ganked, so I don’t really care.

It’s more a discussion of lazy and stubborn newbs without a clue how PvP works in this game against long-term veterans who have done their job in learning every formula, crunching all the numbers and mastering all the mechanics to get their kills. The dumb newbies keep repeating hollow claims, based on cracked emotions and fantasy relations that they can never prove and the veterans step in to correct them based on hard facts, easy to check for everyone who is interested.

I mean, just look who opens most of these “ganking is a problem” topics, fresh alts without history (probably lots of them from the same persons), or a history of jumping horribly fitted ship into stupid situations, no clue how the game mechanics work, unable to prove anything they claim, unwilling to learn anything you try to explain to them. Even to assume this is a “debate” is hilarious. It’s pointless whining over the own incompetence and its bashed down every time, rightly so.


This is one of the possible approaches CCP could/should take - simply making new players more aware of the potential for being blown up even when you’re “just PvEing peacefully” and focusing on learning the hows and how-nots, rather than the loss.

There’s also some terminology to be aware of:

  • “Carebears” are people who don’t like being ganked because they “just want to do their thing in peace”.
  • “Gankers” are players who go out of their way to shoot targets that are unlikely to fight back effectively.
  • “Anti-gankers” are actually people who try to prevent ganks, stop ganks in progress, or actually hunt gankers.

Um, no, sorry, wrong. While many of the newbs may well be stubborn and/or lazy, making a career of shooting mobile depots, MTUs, Ventures, Herons and unarmed freighters is a far cry from “mastering the game”. Most of the gankers are just people who joined up with other gankers and do what they’re told to do.

Sorry, no, wrong again. Most of the “pro-ganking” side posts the same tired rants of nonsense that you yourself just did. It’s not really an “experts vs. morons” debate, just two sides that justify their emotions by demonizing the other side.


EVE Online is a social experement. That is why. This is human nature.


Because the anti gank side is mostly a bunch of myths, lies, gross exaggerations whereas the ganker side is simply saying ‘look…here are the actual facts that anyone can check for themselves’. For example…

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Are you sure you don’t mean “the ganker side uses every shred of misrepresentation they can to make ganking look like a non-issue and to glorify what they do as “essential” to EVE?”. Because that’s what you, Syzygium, and others do on a regular basis.

I mean seriously, who’s got anything worth ganking in the first two weeks? CCP’s own stats show the vast majority of newbies have quit before those two weeks are up anyway, and the ones who’re left have most likely only put in a handful of hours. They were making the point that “ganking isn’t driving new players away”, not “ganking is a non-issue”. And even that point wasn’t made very well.

But then, facts and logic aren’t really the basis of the argument for carebears or gankers.


But the ‘ganking is driving new players away’ is precisely the primary anti gank rant here. Is there now some new myth in its place ? It’s like whack-a-mole. Dispel one myth and another old one pops up again. Repeat and rinse.

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And learning in the process. That already makes them by far more applicable for support than those only repeating unproven claims with fresh forum alts.

It obviously isn’t. A fair share of replies to all those anti-ganking-rants are full explaination about what you can do against it. I personally have written at least half a dozen of them. I have yet to see a single well written, well justfied posting against ganking based on provable facts how ganking is bad for the game. So yes, “experts vs morons” fit this case very well. The anti-gankers usually have simply no clue about the game, the gankers at least know how to find targets and get them killed.


From a new player perspective, I do think it’s fair to get mad at getting ganked. Imagine spending your last 50m on a cool new PvE ship, and some random players in cheap 5m fits show up and turn your beloved new ship into a heap of scrap in seconds. It’s not that they’re being idiots, it’s that they’re still trying to figure out how the game works. They don’t know how to avoid ganks because they’re still trying to figure out how to get around

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TheHound OfGreys = RGC Godfather

What did DMC call it again? Oh yeah “echo chamber created by alts”.

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Clearly, we need the death penalty for multi-alt posting.

I am not RGC, but I am in his corp.


Yes, this is correct. I definitely don’t believe that ganking needs to be entirely banned, but I don’t like gankers as people

Nice straw man. I take it you have no problems with people using different characters to pretend to increase their “voice”?