Why I dislike gankers and people opposed to ganking

Okay, I will say this one more time. I am not RGC, and I do not like being false accusations. I am affiliated with RGC, but I am a separate person with separate desires and separate interests. I do have alts, but I rarely (if ever) use them.

We don’t like you.

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Well, glad the feelings mutual. I don’t like me either.

Ah no, that was actually tongue-in-cheek humor/exaggeration, but honestly meant. And I thank you for pointing out the origins of the two-faced posters, it’s too much to keep track of for me.

While I’m not sure we actually need harsh penalties for multi-alt posting, I think the practice is a bit ridiculous and indicative of weak arguments from fragile egos.

It also leads to the oft-repeated dismissing of someone’s arguments, good or bad, just by saying “Oh you must be one of X’s alts”. It’s a cheap way to blow off an argument without needing to come up with a response.

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Getting mad is okay, and then embrace the chance to learn from it. Because obviously you did mistakes and someone made profit out of them. It’s absolutely no reason to nerf ganking or creating a “problem” that needs “fixing”.

I have spent the last roughly 2 years in this game in teaching new players basic game mechanics like fitting, scanning, moving in unknown space, evaluating combat situations and so on, and know what? The same “loss” of your beloved PvE ship can happen if you warp into an unknown anomaly unprepared. Or jump to a WH and there is a Drifter BS on the other side. It can even happen in HighSec by warping into a mission you don’t know and this particulary missions happens to be harder than the ones you are used at. People lose ships for various reasons and you have to understand that this is totally okay. Jumping into a ganker’s camp or missing them targeting you or failing to escape/survive the situation simply is another one of these “unprepared situations” a newbie can face. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s part of the game.

If you are a real “new player” and not an alt, you wouldn’t even know these people.


If someone is using different characters to post because his earlier characters and posting history have been found… lacking, then I’m going to dismiss what they are saying.

Are you implying that I can’t be an older player? I’ve been playing for around 2 1/2 years at this point, and I’ve interacted with gankers on a few other occasions, and I’ve found them to be rather self adsorbed. Now, not saying that goes for all gankers, I’m sure some of them are lovely people. I also do not like being falsely accused, of anything as a matter of fact. I am not RGC. I am not another person. I am me.

Exactly what an RGC alt would say. Just sayin’.

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ookay, then I misinterpreted this one:

But, my apologies, english isn’t my native language.

So then, is there any really worth being discussed or did you just want to make your opinion about “gankers and people opposed to ganking” public? What kind of constructive discussion you have hoped for, other than just stir up the mud? :person_shrugging:

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I was mostly just curious about people’s opinions on ganking, and also why people are just so salty about this debate

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Oh, then just search “ganking” in the forum search and you will find stuff for years to read.

But, here is a quick summary:

  • Antigankers get “salty” because they are beaten first in the game and later in any and all debates about the topic, because they simply can’t prove anything they claim.
  • Gankers get salty because the Antigankers keep repeating their false claims like a mantra in the hope that a bit of ■■■■ will still stick if you just throw enough of it. Essientially to nerf/remove the ganker’s way of playing the game without any good argument.

Yeah, you make a lot of good points. Mainly I just wanted to see where most of the vitriol was from, but I do try to see both points of the argument. It’s just hard when you’ve been ganked more times than you’ve ganked.

TheHound literally said he is both against and for ganking, I have been noted as having said on multiple occasions that I am 110% against it. If that doesnt tell you we are different people idk what will lol Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

Also the argument of only new accounts make cases of being against ganking is horribly incorrect. Several real veterans are against it as well. People who do real pvp and know the difference between pvp and beating baby seals and calling it pvp. This character I main on is from 2010 and I’ve done a lot of things in game in that time. I make my arguments with the same facts and logic about how the game would be better without it.

It’s pretty clear that there’s a contingent of people who just really hate PvP when it’s not done on their terms and are only OK with it after they deliberately think “OK, now I’m undocking to PvP” (which “will happen, just not today, and probably not tomorrow either”). It doesn’t matter where PvP happens.

Despite my playstyle generally falling near or into the mythical “REAL PvP in low sec”, whenever I see anti-PvP nameless forum alts start threads about making low sec safer – yes, low sec – I’ve seen zero of the “I hate ganking but I like a dangerous universe” type of people come to defend low sec piracy playstyle. None. (Well, maybe one). I’m under no illusions.

There are so few people left on the forums that the same conversation has been had with the same people about 50 different times in 150 different ways and so there’s a pretty clear list of folks who at this point merely say “I like living in a dangerous universe” but would rather have folks like myself have a table saw accident so we could never log in again.


Ganking keeps most people in high sec because they never get to reach a point where they feel like taking risk since high sec already feels risky.

Ganking is also not sustainable. Eventually there wont be any victims left caus they quit and then gankers are just going to quiet as well. But lets see.

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Over a decade of mutual hatred.


How is it all the people presenting the ‘new player perspective’ are not actually new players but older players imagining that alleged ‘perspective’ ?

Which is absurd because by definition every one of us got through being a new player and are thus proof that it can be done. There is thus a supreme irony in ( allegedly ) so many multi years old players claiming that ganking puts off new players…as the more of them there are the more they disprove their own claim !

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And your evidence for this claim that you just invented out if thin air is ?

Yet more un-evidenced ‘they’ hyperbole.

They have to have something to fight over, haven’t they?