Just quit eve because no matter what I do the pvp side of the game just looks for mining ships to destroy, I lost 4 ships in one night in different asteroid belts. Heaven forbid someone was able to mine some rocks.
All I was curious about it why the eve community insists on continuously grieving new players, then telling everyone in forums (everywhere not just eve forums) about how great the community is and how helpful they are.
Is that just to get new meat in there for easy kills.
Just confused is all.

Loved this game, It is definitely a master piece, it’s to bad the player base is full, and there is no room for new players, Inforced by the Community

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  • First, this is the new citizens Q&A. I think you’re looking for the forum whiner’s thread.
  • Second, just because you were killed, that doesn’t mean you were griefed. Do not confuse the two. If you keep presenting yourself as a suitable target, people will keep killing you. This is different from people intentionally targeting you in order to salt mine.
  • Third, you have control over your successes and failures in Eve. It doesn’t matter how many SP you have, how much time you have, or when you started playing. What matters is your brains, attitude, and determination. Now, the question is, where do you go from here. Do you try to learn from your mistakes, or do you complain and give up?

Now, if you actually want to learn, I suggest checking out the “how not to be ganker bait” section of the linked post. If you have any questions after that, I will be happy to answer them. And if you just want someone to sympathize with you, you go post on r/eve. Plenty of other quitters and whiners over there who will be happy to tell you that your right.

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And what you learned from it? Did you at least tried to learn something? Did you asked the first attacker why he killed you? Or, for the matter, anyone else why ganking people in mining ships is a thing? Did you look at this forum for info about the subject?
It’s not the community, you were not helping yourself.

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Typical response, thanks for proving my point, i guess i will WHINE somewhere else lol, wouldnt want to put you or your community out
thanks for whatever your attitude was, don’t appreciate it
no i dont weant sympathy jerk lol i wanted an answer to why this is like this, and you come in here and deny everything and start calling me names
dude get real.
look at the replys, NON helpful, just trying to troll and prove people wrong
, this is what eve responses are like, look at quakegod, but im the problem lol wtf

of course its not, it was me, i stand corrected by the eve vets
Thank you for your time

lol thats actually funny

I started playing 6 years ago. That may seem like a long time ago, but Eve had already been around for 12 years by that. Moreover, I not only had to learn how to deal with suicide ganking, but also constant wardecks (it used to be that wardecks could be declared against anyone, regardless of whether they owned structures or not). In fact, the majority of people playing today started off as helpless newbros surrounded by hardened vets. Seriously, the average player age is probably around 2 or 3 years old. This might be an 18 year old game, but most of us haven’t exactly been playing since beta.

So, let’s be clear. The problem is with your lack of knowledge and your piss poor attitude. You died because you didn’t know what you were doing. And you failed to learn and grow as a player because you got angry and bitter instead of trying to figure out what you did wrong. Let me put it this way -you could have came here asking for help, but you didn’t. You came here to complain and declare your intentions to quit. That is how you responded to adversity. And as long as you do that, you will continue to suck at Eve, and at any other competitive multiplayer game that you play.

And I might not exactly be using kid gloves with you, but this isn’t meant to put you down or cause you grief. I am actually trying to help you. Maybe if you stopped being all angry and butt hurt, you’d see my response for what it is.

So, once again, if you want to learn, check out the link that I provided in my previous post. And if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. Otherwise, leave me alone.

And if you do quit, can I have your stuff?
No P2W


You, get real.
Eve is a harsh PVP game. That is not a secret, it is how the game is marketed.
You pulled out of your ass that idea that you wold have free pass. The idea is stupid and the resulting ganks totally deserved.

You want to know why we say we are helpful and then gank you? Haven’t you figured it out yet?
We may be nice and good person in real life, but in game we are liars, scammers, thieves, criminals. And we are proud of it.

Were you targeted by the same person all 4 times? Were the capsuleers or capsuleer that killed you apart of the same corporation? Were you in Hi Security Space or in a less lawless space like Losec or Null Sec?


Just because you die in mining ships doesn’t mean all pvp players look to shoot mining ships.

Generally the pvp side of the game will look for any ship to destroy. High sec pvp-ers are restricted by the mechanics of high sec (concord, etc…) meaning they are limited to ships they can profitably suicide gank, namely untanked miners… specifically… you!

if you move out of high sec you’ll notice that pvpers in general will have much broader tastes than just mining ships.

Why are you assuming they are in High sec? OP didn’t specify where they are at

Tl;Dr Don’t sweat it! Keep going! You’ll find a good place to live in New Eden and learn to avoid attacks

First, don’t sweat the trolls. People on the internet, including here on the Eve forum, love talking trash and acting superior behind the veil of anonymity. You can block people by adding their name to the ignore list under the forum preferences.

Second, it’s a good sign that you didn’t give up or get frustrated until after 4 deaths. This means you are tough, or at least stubborn, both of which are great traits for an eve player. :slight_smile:

Third, it is true that everything in this game is up to you. Of course, some of the people giving you a hard time in this thread are the same people who whine to CCP when they can’t do what they want instead of figuring it out. But that doesn’t make it less true.

If you want to mine with less attacks, you can move to a less populated area of space. Lowsec is even better because the ore is more valuable, and there are typically very few people in most systems, so attackers can’t blend in. But lowsec is obviously much more dangerous. Finally, don’t get mad at the people in local chat when they attack you. Just laugh it off, add them as a dangerous contact so you can see them in local more easily, and get a new ship.

What ship were you flying? What system were you in? Were you already in lowsec? This info will help us give you more specific pointers.


If you keep losing ships, maybe you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t give up though! Ask for advice and help, figure out what’s going wrong and you will be able to mine without losing ships. Maybe somewhere else, at another time, in another ship… there are many ways to improve.

Yeah, but most players I know have a sense of fairness, and talking in EVE is the most powerful weapon, because it can end wars much more effectively than any Titan.

So OP, why don’t you start communicate in game? Chat in local, ask for help or at least hints, and learn where you can survive a mining spree. It’s not that hard, even in a Venture, but some basics must be understood. As soon as you are entering dangerous areas, the locals don’t care if you are new, they just shoot if you l look vulnerable.

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Most likely to be the case for most player you don’t know too. :wink:

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