Shooting new players is a good thing! YES or NO?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Share reasoning and EXPERIENCE, and PLEASE avoid helping carebears getting this locked!

Thank you so much!

If anyone knows a reddit mod, could you ask him to wave my submission through? I asked the same question there, but apparently there is a 24h time limit before new accounts can post on /r/Eve.

Thank you! : D

My reasoning is that you are always a new player until youve been shot at by another player.

By being shot at, it helped me understand better where and how it is possible.


Blowing them up early and often helps reduce their expectations of EVE’s safety and weeds out the average millennials and idiots from the quality players.



We really need to work on your communications skills. : - )


Communication skills? Does that have something to do with explosions? :stuck_out_tongue:


People come to EVE to play a game filled with action and space battle, betrail and politics. But what they get when they start is an area where you have to go out of your way to see any action and where everyone is playing a solo game.

Shooting them introduces them to the real sandbox and the part of EVE that makes EVE special and engaging.

In my opinion CCP should change two things about the NPE:

  • After you have learned all the basics you get enlisted directly in a faction militia where you are sent out to fight for your faction against other players.
  • Instead of the normal 4 factions that start in highsec you can start as a pirate faction in NPC nullsec. There should be a warning that this is “hard mode” but other than that let the sandbox sort out the rest.

Please please please behave. : - )

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As long as you dont gank them in starting systems (which is expressly a bannable offense) everythings’ fine.

But if you gank a proper newbie dont just laugh and gloat like an idiot but give them advice, maybe even reimburse their civilian fit corvette, that’s where the most fond memories seem to come from and helps retain players.


Yes! : D

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More blood for the Blood God isn’t a bad thing :wink:


But remember to through in a few million ISK and point out what happend. Best thing you can do IMHO.


Exactly! I once received several tens of millions from a guy in lowsec who thought he blew up a new character! : D

I would like more options. While it is perfectly acceptable to show those runaway slaves their place I wouldn’t dare to shoot at one of true faith. Amarr Victor!


Amen brother. Golden = Hail, Rusty = PEWPEW

The age doesn’t matter.

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I really like that attitude! : D

Shoot first, invite to corp later.


It all depends on the manner of the conflict. If the new player can be made to realize that fighting back is an option, or that they could have done something different. Otherwise, the experience is sour and frustrating and has nothing to do with being a bad player or an undesirable.

Thinking that you have to skill for half a year to compete is not a good outlook, but finding friends to even the odds tomorrow is.

Did you ever shoot a new player?

It is important to teach a new player to understand that loss happens and it’s possible to recover from losses.


I am going to have to say no. I have seen multiple new players leave the game because of being constantly killed by gankers or being in a newer/weaker corp and being constantly war dec. While some killing or ganking of newer players is to be expected, targeting newer players or newer/weaker corps exclusively to point where they leave the game and then give it bad word of mouth advertising, is what is hurt this game. This reply only applies to high sec.