PvP tutorial to help ease you into the fun stuff

I wrote this to help you guys have some fun.

Read it, let me know if I can help you guys, and go kill some stuff.

Good luck out there,


Mo’s a good guy,
knows his stuff and by all accounts is chilled out and mad sound.

exactly the sort of player newbros would benefit from having a laugh with.

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Thank You.

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Im not even new but im tempted to do this anyway because i currently suck at PVP, my killbourd is laughable… (the solo area)

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I’d love to have you join the training chat room. My online time is limited,

I have no doubt to could help these guys as well as I can.

Come on down, the idea is to help all players enjoy pvp!

A little training and you’ll find it much more fun!

i would but im currently mid-break, ill hop in once im online next though

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Great topic :slight_smile: hope it gets stickied. +1

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Another vote in support of Might Mo. Train with him for a while and then he’ll likely pass you along to meself or some other group of scoundrels. You’ll be greening that Killboard up in no time new bros. Please sticky this thread.

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You should join the discussion too.

The weak point in this program is my login time… a few of us old-timers to reinforce and answer questions from those dedicated enough to read these lessons could really weaponize some carebears… and we all know how that goes because we all went through it at some point.

I’d like to crush a major merc gate camp in highsec with some miners. Eve needs to feel some shake-up and inspiration in highsec.

One of us sheparding an Indy or mission corp that wants to try pvp could help a lot.

We’re stagnant.

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