Alpha newbie looking into PvP

So, my character is about a month-ish old now, and I feel like taking up a little bit of small-gang/ solo PvP. I’ve worked a out a couple of fittings and my current wallet only allows for frigates and destroyers. I have decent drone skills, now training some armor skills, while my gun skills are kinda at minimum.
Any tips for me? (Gallente btw)

Learn mechanics, I think this is a good start:

Then get on with some people doing it:
I list a very empty chat room in my little tutorial there that I aim to keep an eye on.

If you’re cool, I’ll introduce you to other chat rooms that are less empty… and full of more nefarious people.

As for what to fly… once you understand mechanics you will know the answers to those questions.

Evemail me specific questions. I don’t login but a few times a week, but I get evemail in my phone.

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I’ve been able to score a few kills as below 1M sp.

As you can see it’s either neuts or kite solo. My best advice is to switch fits often and don’t stay in one system too long (doesn’t take a long time to figure out what fit you are flying and counterfit that).


I understand the desire to solo pvbut id strongly suggest finding a Corp (maybe near FW space, you get good frigate fights a lot of the time) and learning pvp with guidance. The suggestions to buy cheap pvp frigates and go learn are good ones, I just promise you’ll learn faster and achieve success quicker when you fly with other people.

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