PvP for Beginners

Hi all. I’m a returning player to Eve after 10 years with very little PvP experience.
I’m trying to find out more information on the best way forward to get into the PvP side of the game.

Note that I’m playing in a duo and we have 32m & 15m SP.

a) Faction Warfare?
b) Make our own corp and declare war on smaller corps?
c) Join a corp and take part in their wars?
d) Low-Sec PvP?
e) Null-Sec PvP?

Note that we do want to be able to continue to make ISK when we can so not going balls deep at this point will help.

Do we run with T1 Frigates to learn more about PvP?
Do we start in T2 Frigates and go from there?

Please let me know your thoughts. Finding it hard to get a good answer. Thank you!

If you want pvp experience, ask for frig 1v1s in jita, or go to tama and sit in FW plexes and wait for people to come to you. No corp, FW allegiance etc required.

If you want fleet experience (Entirely useless for the most part, it’s just anchor, lock and f1 primary, broadcast when targeted) then check https://www.spectre-fleet.space/ for pub fleets. There’s one in 35 mins for shield destroyers/cruisers.

pvp will pretty often reduce your sec status slightly, assuming you’re the one to fire first, but you can just buy tags to get your sec status back up, although they aren’t too cheap tbh.

Solo null pvp is hell, don’t do it. You’ll get standing fleet response from multiple people, bubbled, bling fits etc. last time I went to null I got titan dropped in a destroyer, twice in a row…

Best frig is the Comet, commonly agreed upon, due to being able to being able to fit into novice (smallest) FW plex site but also not being stupid expensive so you don’t loose too much when blobbed.

Don’t bother going gate to gate looking for fights imo, if you find someone they’re missioning probably and will warp or you’ll just die to gate camps.

Edit: Good example of current gatecamp

Damn Rhayn. Anyone would think you’re trying to turn me off PvP :slight_smile:

  • PvP reduces sec status but can buy tags to replace, though it’s expensive
  • Fleet PvP experience is useless as it’s just undock, target and fire
  • Null Sec PvP is too hard due to large corporations and bling ships
  • Gate to Gate PvP is bad because they’ll warp or I’ll get camped

So I guess my question still stands - what should I be looked for in the way of PvP?
(or does Eve just not cater for non-blob fights?)

Thank you.

There isn’t a good answer to be honest. PvP is expensive and has no rewards (50% item drop is only 25% of total price due to hull cost so is generally ■■■■).

If you go to LS, expect gate camp, blobs, FW gate campers in instalock dessies and unfair fights. You almost require an alt to check popular HS to LS gates for you if you’re flying something expensive.
If you go to null, expect gate camps far more often due to bubbles, and still blobs of bored standing fleet pilots.

Either one you choose, expect to pay out for 20mil tags when you go under -2.0 sec status. If you want something fair, CCP has those proving ground team fights going on soon, which sounds great and the rewards are awesome, but you have to have a competent team for that.

My goto is Tama low sec. It’s 4j away from Jita, so refits are quick and cheap. Only one gate, which I check with an alt, empty frig or on dotlan, is on average the hottest LS system since it’s generally where people go for 1v1s, has multiple safe stations and novice plexes for cheap frig fights

At the end of the day, pvping for no reason is just that. Pointless. The original reasons were for loot drops, moons or sov in null. All of that is kinda pointless now due to the expense of war and abundance of resources. Don’t do pvp for no reason unless you find it fun. And to be honest with you, i’ve played other FPS games at international levels before and nothing is as intense as even a cheap frig 1v1. Do what you like, not what others do.

I do find PvP fun but it will need to come with some sort of accomplishment at the end of the way, whether it’s loot or at least more PvP to come out of it, etc. I’m wanting to PvP as I think that’s the pinnacle of Eve Online but I’m not quite ready to jump into the deep end just yet.

Could I possibly grab opinions from a few others? Thank you.

pvp in trade hubs is :poop:, HS in general
in FW small sites are gated so you always know what ship is coming in and a bigger fish cant blap you, probably closest to a “honorabru 1v1” beside abyssal pvp.
in null as long as you don’t jump into a camp you can get some good kills- ratters, troglodyte gatecampers/ solo dictors/ overconfident fleet tackle ceptors going into scram range with backup 3 jumps away etc. Also no gate guns, no concord, no station games. Since there is 2 of you one can fly a ceptor and one a dps ship. Use a filament or set up in npc null (on border with some sov) and have fun.

t2 frig is same price as a t1 cruiser… personally I’d fly a stabber over an ass frig but use whatever floats your boat

I thought they’d changed it so you got a suspect flag if you shot someone in a plex when you weren’t allied to a faction ?

Just try to stick to 10 frigates/destroyers plan. Bring 10 ships with fit to the nearest hisec system of lowsec you are want to do pvp and blow them in battle. Home station should be there also. There a lot of guides for different ships. Watch them before beginning of your roams.

You go suspect when shooting people first, as per low sec rules, but you also go suspect if you take a gate and aren’t part of FW.

I dunno… Niarja has been pretty rewarding so far.

Baiting missions runners has been rewarding so far.

But then again I don’t look at these things from the point of making isk. I just like to have fun, making isk is a happy coincidence.


Look up the corp I’m in , training is very good for PvP and we do other stuff to keep the money coming in , you even get a uniform if you pass your training, Main thing it’s fun and we kill bad guys :hugs:


I think you are troll. Wery fat https://zkillboard.com/character/95072956/ there is NOpvp. Just concordoken whores.

Your not looking very hard , when doing research widen the area to corp not just me. Yes we do hunt gankers and stop freighters dying but can’t help how concord or kill boards work , use your brains before making pointless comments

Corp k/B shows many activities we take part in, many of these with new player .


Think we can see the real troll here, Miss Masta


She did say look up the corp she’s in and not her , I did and the answer is plain , they do other things other than anti-gank

Good luck finding something op

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https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98407112/ They just concordwhores and die in lowsec. I don’t recommend that corp for flying with.
And I advise you go to crime and punishment theme with that “antigunking” concordoken non dps whores. Not in pvp section

Calm down what ever you are, your not reading things very well , 1st off all answers where for the op , you started talking about concord whoring

Then when you see how wrong you are you say they just die in low sec , many new players there that’s what you expect to happen in training.

Like the op wouldn’t die using your stupid idea.

The best thing you can now contribute to this conversation is silence.

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Best if everyone calms down, was only trying to help op, I happen to think the corp I’m in does some pretty interesting things, including any PvP and ganker killing we can find, mission running, combat sites, and wormholes, nice group of people with some good training plans.

If it’s not your cup of tea then fine.

According your question, try to use this book to fit your frigates well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JSbe8dyQx2-EVXUrR2g5t3nRNrUdRHQy/view Then choose some area of your operations by player activity and your interest. If you will have some questions about game mechanics send letter to me ingame. I will try to explain it to you. Also it is very important to find the fight where you have a chance to win.
And remember whoring is not pvp. Just a useless waist of time.

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I am hurt by this dismissal of solo pvp. T1 frigs are the way to go. Join a faction militia, preferrably Ammar since their space is active in solos and inactive in gatecamps, and fly out in your Atron or whatever. Those ships cost usually less than 10M, and FW is an insane moneymaker for alphas or omegas. Fly into hostile space and sit in a novice or small complex, killing NPCs that show up. Standard rewards for about 15 minutes of sitting, ratting, and waiting for possible fights is 10 million ISK in LP. It can get up to like 22.5M if the militia is doing well. Every once in a while a fellow T1 or Faction frig will show up on 1 AU d-scan. You can choose to warp off or fight. Also, no one wastes the effort blobbing t1 frigates in novice plexes. You will get a low-cost honorable 1v1 with consistency. This is, in my opinion, the best way to learn PvP of any kind.