Noob faction warfare

Why do people say that faction warfare is a good place to learn PVP? All I have learned today is that it’s pretty pointless looking for a fight because all you get is some guy in faction frigate with every possible boost he can get come in and 3 shot me for no reason. It’s pretty pathetic that they can’t just leave me to get a decent fight.

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I must be missing something.

You went looking for PvP, and you got some?


What you need to do is go to Jita and ask in local for a duel but specify that you only want to fight ships that are weaker than yours. You see that a lot there and many will help you out…it’s a great and helpful place.


I don’t want to fight ships that are weaker than mine? I just want a chance to win the fight lol. How do you outplay a ship that does twice your damage?

You have d-scan. You find such guy in plex, you don’t come in. you se such guy at first gate, you run. So simple.

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What ship was it?

What armament?

Was he faster or tankier?

Shields or armour?

Any EWar?

Information is ammunition.

And if it was a faction ship, you can fly it too.

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Doesn’t sound very fun to me though. If I was flying such a powerful ship around I wouldn’t bother to kill T1 frigates, I’d go looking for an actual fight. Seems this game is full of players who claim to like PVP but don’t really want a fight, they just want to ■■■■ on players that can’t fight back.

Get under his guns…
Out range him…
Neut and drone…
Orbit super duper fast…

This is Eve and DPS, SP, or bling is not the deciding factors in combat…knowledge is…

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One was a succubus, one was a silver magnate, one was a federation comet etc etc. All doing twice the damage I have while webbing and scramming me. Nothing I could do apart from sit there and die.

I’m also not going to learn how to fight in a faction frigate that costs 100mill to fit. I don’t think that’s reasonable.

Your middle name is “Ruthless”, but you seem to have a lot of ruths.


lol I was sat on top of a silver magnate as a dual rep incursus and he still destroyed me. It’s just simple numbers, there is zero outplay potential against these things.

Well you could have run when they came in system.

“Choosing your battle is the first step to victory.”

  • Me, just there now.

What’s the point killing a ship that can’t possibly win. There’s no satisfaction whatsoever.

I’m doing that now by never bothering with it again. Totally pointless to try.

there is zero outplay potential against these things

Then you run…tactical retreat I think is what it’s called. Every game is like this so…

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Then why are you called Ruthless if you wont do what it takes?

Its called Factional Warfare for a reason.

No every game is not like this.

There is a satisfaction for the other party. This very thread is a pure win for them.

Because I want to learn how to kill stuff. I don’t want to learn how to pick easy targets, that’s easy.

Such as?