Tips for Factional Warfare?

Hey! New Alpha here. I really want to get into factional warfare but I’ve no experience in PVP. Could you guys share some tips?

give this a read


Some of the threads below are a little old, but the info is still largely valid. :slight_smile:

oh lol its the post I made when I was noob :wink:

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Well… there is nothing wrong with revisiting old info. :wink:

In fact… that is a thing that will happen well into the future in EVE.

“Oh hey! Doing this is eerily similar to something else I was doing.”
“Oh, the advice for starting this is the same as what I got for this other profession.”

There is a reason for this: A lot of things in EVE recycle the same mechanics and/or require the same tactics as other things.

actually I am still noob so yeah.

imagine what Alistair Atreides will think if he reads what he wrote 1-2 years ago???
:wink: :wink:


Someone once told me something that has resonated with me through the years:
“No matter how old or wise you get… look back at stuff you said and did 5 years ago. Then 10 years. Then 20 years. If you don’t cringe even a little bit you have not grown up or matured at all.”

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